Weekender: WIN 40K Indomitus Starter Set + Wargaming Miniatures For All Of History

July 3, 2020 by crew

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Today on the OTT Weekender! We've got some fantastic miniatures to look at from across the Historical spectrum thanks to Footsore Miniatures & Games and Footsore North America. Plus, we're giving away a FREE 3D Model from Fat Dragon Games.

Weekender: WIN Warhammer 40K Indomitus + Wargaming Miniatures For All Of History

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As always, make sure to dive into the comments and tell us all of your thoughts about the show this week and what we chat about!

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Updates - Something Special! - 1:20

First up, we just wanted to say that next week we should be doing something special for you folks in place of the Weekender and also exploring who the winners were from the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Make sure to keep an eye on us over next weekend as we'll have some new stuff to show you and plenty of your work from the community.

Indie Of The Week - Footsore Miniatures: Wargaming Miniatures For All Of History - 5:06

We chat about the vast array of different options from Footsore Miniatures & Games which are available to those who want to play games set during pretty much any historical period.

Footsore Miniatures & Games

We also got a chat later in the show with Tim Spakowski about Footsore North America and what they have to offer on the Moderns side of things too.

Footsore North America

Make sure to tell us what you like from their collection and tell us if you'll be diving into their ranges and games yourself when you get a chance.

Tabletop News - 42:18

Here is some of the wargaming, tabletop and miniatures news this week which caught our eye and made us go "ooooh!"

Let us know if something from this week made you "oooh!" and if we missed anything!

Tabletop Kickstarters AND 3D Printing Is The S**t! - 1:32:25

See what you make of this Kickstarter we've picked out from this week on the funding platform...

Let us know if you'll be checking out these projects in the comments down below. Make sure to check out all of this tabletop goodness and have a great weekend of gaming fun.

A final reminder that you can also WIN Warhammer 40,000: Indomitus by commenting on this episode!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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