Kickstart the Creation of Fat Dragon’s Dungeons

March 25, 2013 by dracs

The kickstarter for Fat Dragon's latest terrain set is now live. Get ready to explore the Dungeons of the Mountain King.

Dungeons of the Mountain King

This dungeon set looks to be one of the most intricate pieces of paper terrain which Fat Dragon have created, with everything from pillars to lava streams. Home sweet home for a dwarf king.

Dungeons of the Mountain King Hall

Dungeons of the Mountain King 1

Dungeons of the Mountain King 2

This kickstarter will create the Halls, Dungeons and Caverns of the Mountain King, as well as the Caverns of the Drow, which all come together to make a full dwarfen realm perfect for RPG's and miniature games.

How many of you think it would be worth chipping in for Fat Dragon's dwarfen paper terrain sets?

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