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Unboxing: Star Trek Away Missions – Commander Scotty Expansion | Gale Force Nine


Gerry unboxes and reviews another of the newer expansions for Star Trek: Away Missions by Gale Force Nine. In this one, we push the engines as far as we can with a boxed set for Scotty who comes with Uhura, Sulu and Leslie.

V For Victory! We Can’t Wait For SAGA Creator’s New WW2 Wargame! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we dive deep into the details of the new 28mm scale World War 2 skirmish wargame, V For Victory. coming from the creators of SAGA and Congo, Studio Tomahawk. We explore all of the current details about V For Victory (Five For Victory) including game mechanics, army building and more.

Unboxing: Star Trek Away Missions – Captain Kirk Federation Expansion | Gale Force Nine


Gerry reviews and unboxes the Star Trek Federation Expansion for Captain Kirk. Head back to the Original Series and bring some iconic characters to the tabletop from Gale Force Nine for Star Trek: Away Missions.

Unboxing: Star Trek: Away Missions – Q Organized Play Kit | Gale Force 9


Gerry has an encounter at Farpoint as he cracks open the first organised play kit from Gale Force 9 for Star Trek: Away Missions, and sees what madness and mischief the Q Continuum have to offer the galaxy. 

GF9, Thunderhead & War Scenery Reveal New 28mm & 6mm Terrain!


Gale Force Nine, Thunderhead Studio and War Scenery have announced a new range of 6mm and 28/32mm terrain for use in your tabletop wargames as part of their Battlefield In A Box range. We start with the small-scale stuff!

Community Spotlight: Star Trek’s Away Missions, Gundam & Mutant Heroes!


This week, we dive into painting of superheroes, mighty Gundam and also some excellent Star Trek icons who are off on their newest Away Missions!

Cult Of Games XLBS: I Need My Wargaming Heroes To Feel Heroic!


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's show, Ben wants to talk about heroics and legendary moments in tabletop games. Do you want more herohammer in your games? Does it depend on the scale of game you're playing? Is there a difference between how heroes work in Historical and Sci-Fi/Fantasy games?

Clash Of Steel & Achtung Panzer! Badass Tank Battles Take Over The Tabletop #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! We're doing John a favour and getting very excited about all the tank-based wargaming in both 15mm and 28mm that you can currently explore on the tabletop. We'll be talking Gale Force Nine's Clash Of Steel and Achtung Panzer! from Warlord Games. However you like your tank battles, they have you sorted.

GF9 Announce New Gamefound Projects – Conan & More!


Gale Force Nine has announced that they will continue their relationship with Gamefound across three new projects that will be popping up throughout the year. This begins with The Adventures Of Conan starting in April 2024.

GF9 Unveils Operation Unthinkable & Launches Clash Of Steel


Following on from the Christmas teaser video Gale Force Nine is finally introducing the world to "Operation Unthinkable" through their latest tabletop miniatures game, Clash of Steel, set to hit shelves in April 2024.

The Samurai Army Of Your Dreams? Perfect Miniatures For Fantasy & Historical Wargaming #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! John has found himself some absolutely amazing Samurai miniatures that might just make the army of his dreams. Are they actually the perfect army for both Fantasy and Historical wargaming thanks to the mysticism around them?

New Wave Of HexTech Terrain Coming Soon From Gale Force Nine


Gale Force Nine has announced that they are going to be releasing a new wave of HexTech terrain for those diving into games like BattleTech! There will be new urban and rural landscapes for you to explore with your towering mechs. 

Judging The New 40K Kroot Miniatures! Will They Get A Pass Or A Fail? #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's episode, Lloyd joins us to discuss the new Kroot miniatures for Warhammer 40,000 and whether or not they're good or bad! Have they managed to get the seal of approval from an avid Kroot fan?

Kirk & Spock Coming To GF9’s Star Trek: Away Missions!


Gale Force Nine has announced that a new set of characters will be coming to Star Trek: Away Missions in March! Captain Kirk and Scotty are going to be landing in two expansion sets that focus on the Original Series characters!

How To Play – Star Trek: Away Missions | Gale Force Nine


The team show off how to get set up and how to play Gale Force Nine's newest Star Trek game, Star Trek: Away Missions. The Federation go up against The Borg in Battle Of Wolf 359 as we explore set-up and the basic mechanics of Away Missions.

New Year, Old World! What Classic Warhammer Miniatures Will You Be Digging Out? #OTTWeekender


Warhammer: The Old World is coming sooner rather than later! Two big new armies for Bretonnia and Khemri are going to be launching this look back at classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles on the tabletop from Games Workshop.

Battlefront Announce New 15mm Tank Game – Clash Of Steel!


In their Christmas video for this year, Battlefront Miniatures and Gale Force Nine revealed a new game coming out in April 2024. Clash Of Steel will see tank battles on the tabletop in an alternative history where World War II ended in 1944 and restarted in 1948!

Community Spotlight: Star Trek, Kill Teams & Ancient Chariot Races


Dive into another Community Spotlight where we're talking Star Trek, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team and finally an awesome game of chariot racing!

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Will Your TerrainFest 2023 Project Be? We Share Our Ideas!


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we chat about the plans that we have to dive into TerrainFest 2023! Warren is looking to get some feedback on how to build Acre and Ben is thinking about how to paint his Wild West terrain for a good old-fashioned shootout!

Ace New NATO Forces WW3: Team Yankee 15mm Miniatures Incoming! Heat Up Your Cold War! #OTTWeekender

9 months ago 24

It's OTT Weekender time! It's a big time to be diving into World War 3: Team Yankee with Battlefront Miniatures are they are launching the NATO Forces book soon alongside a whole host of awesome 15mm miniatures for a variety of different nations. You can play as the French, Canadians and more as NATO looks to hold back the Soviet advance in this Cold War Gone Hot!

Gale Force Nine Talk New Aliens Types For Next Expansion


Gale Force Nine has been talking more about the new Alien types that you'll be able to scoop up as part of the next expansion for Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps. We're In The Pipe, Five By Five features four new Aliens for you to face off against.

Star Trek: Away Missions Previews Picard & The House Of Duras


Gale Force Nine has been showing off the second wave of releases coming to Star Trek: Away Missions to help support their miniature-based board game. The Federation and the Klingons are going to be getting new Away Teams to play with. 

Battle Across The Atlean Steppes With GF9’s Hextech Terrain


Gale Force Nine has yet another pack of 6mm Sci-Fi terrain coming to the Hextech range soon. Wave 2 has already introduced Highways but you can also get your hands on the Atlean Steppes for your battles outside Trinity City.

Add Highways To Your GF9 Hextech 6mm Terrain Collection


Wave Two of the Hextech collection by Gale Force Nine is coming soon and their team has been showing off some of the 6mm Highways that you'll be able to pick up! These offer a good way to build on your terrain collection for games like BattleTech.

Unboxing: HexTech Terrain – Great For BattleTech & More | Gale Force Nine


Gerry and John break out the BattleTech miniatures and review the awesome new HexTech Terrain that you can now get from Gale Force Nine to use when building your gaming tables!

Engage! Star Trek: Away Missions Sets Phasers To Stun Tabletop Gamers #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We set phasers to stun and get beamed up as we engage with the upcoming Star Trek miniatures board game coming from Gale Force Nine! The team are releasing Star Trek: Away Missions later this year and it looks like it could be a lot of fun to dive into, especially with the ways they could take the game in the future.

Read The Rulebook For Gale Force 9’s Star Trek: Away Missions


Star Trek: Away Missions is the new Sci-Fi miniatures board game available to pre-order from Gale Force Nine which allows you to play as iconic Star Trek characters, battling against each other in quick, easy-to-play, scenarios where each crew is unique.

Warning! New Viking Miniatures Will Raid Your Wallet! Ragnarok Is Here! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Colin Patten has been working on his largest collection ever with one hundred and fifty (150!) individual 28mm Viking miniatures for your Dark Age games. This isn't just a raid, this is Ragnarok and the Sons of Odin are coming for your wallet! If you're interested in Vikings then you must see this range of models.

Pick Up BIG New Collector’s Edition For GF9’s Firefly: The Game!


Gale Force Nine is offering up an excellent opportunity for you to pick up all of the Firefly: The Game goodness that you might have missed out on over the years. This new Gamefound project celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the game with a new Collector's Edition.

Gale Force Nine Announce New World Of Tanks Starter Set


Gale Force Nine has announced a brand new Starter Set and more for those diving into the World Of Tanks Miniatures Game. Kicking things off, there is a set of four tanks that you can pick up for getting started in this clash between some of the best armour of World War II and beyond.

GF9’s Firefly: The Game Returns With Collector’s Edition Soon!


Gale Force Nine has announced that they are going to be bringing their hit board game, Firefly: The Game, back to the tabletop but with a brand new 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition! The game will be brought to life via Gamefound with a campaign launching soon.

Battletech Mercenaries! NEW Big Mechs For Hire In Resurgent Wargame & Undead Unearthed #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! This week, Warren gets into the Spring Clean Challenge by unearthing a cemetery's worth of undead fiends for gaming with his kids and the Battletech Mercenaries provide some big guns and more for the hard Sci-Fi tabletop wargame.

Star Trek: Away Missions – Gale Force Nine New Sci-Fi Game!


Gale Force Nine has now announced a new miniatures board game of tactical two-player gameplay set in the Star Trek universe! Star Trek: Away Missions will be available in July 2023 and have you pitting Away Teams from different factions against each other to secure victory!

FREE Rules For Warhammer 40K 10th Edition! Has GW Nailed It This Time? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! This week, we're looking at all of the news coming out of Adepticon for Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, Kill Team and more. The BIG news was the announcement of Warhammer 40k 10th Edition which is going to be starting with FREE Rules for everyone!

GF9’s Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps Returns!


Gale Force Nine's awesome Aliens board game is going to be coming back to shelves this year! June will mark the return of Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps which allows you to play out deadly scenarios from the second move in the original Aliens trilogy.

GF9 Expands Battlefield In A Box Range With Hextech!


Gale Force Nine has announced a new addition to their Battlefield In A Box range. A new partnership has come together as they have worked with Thunderhead Studio to produce a new fully painted Sci-Fi terrain for use in your smaller-scale mech games like BattleTech, Steel Rift and the like!

Gale Force 9 Take Pre-Orders For Doctor Who: Nemesis!


Gale Force Nine is now taking pre-orders for their first Doctor Who board game of 2023, the fascinating Doctor Who: Nemesis. Play as the bad guys and see if you can twist time and space to your own ends.

Let’s Play: Doctor Who: Don’t Blink | Gale Force 9


Get stuck into a Let's Play of the awesome Dr Who: Don't Blink from Gale Force 9 as Gerry stalks Shay and Justin on a derelict spaceship full of Weeping Angels: terrifying killers that can be stopped only by staring at them. But if you dare to stop looking — if you even blink — they'll send you out of time.

Solve Mysteries In Gale Force Nine’s Enola Holmes Board Game


You are going to be able to snap up a new board game set in the world of Enola Holmes from Gale Force Nine. The new board game, Enola Holmes: Finder Of Lost Souls, can be pre-ordered right now ahead of a release later this month. 

Have You Snapped Up GF9’s Starfinder: Pirates Of Skydock?


Starfinder: Pirates Of Skydock has been out for a little while now but it's worth diving into the game and asking if you've had a chance to snap it up yet. As the first of the big Starfinder board games from Gale Force Nine, this one sees your crew trying to seize a new vessel for themselves!

Crack The Code In GF9 Enola Holmes Board Game


In Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls players will be taking the role of iconic characters in an investigative all-against-one title, to catch the criminal. 

Let’s Play: Pathfinder – Level 20 | Gale Force Nine


Join us for a Let's Play of Pathfinder: Level 20 where they are playing as pesky Kobolds who are trying to avoid dastardly Fighters that are looking to get to Level 20! A fun new board game from Gale Force Nine and Paizo. 

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