Emvicreative Bring The Secret Of Green Piece Goblins To Kickstarter

July 6, 2022 by brennon

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Emvicreative are back on Kickstarter with another awesome project that builds on the Greenskull Castle collection. Here, a brand new set of 32mm Goblins has been added into the mix for you to paint up and maybe even use in a game or two!

The Secret Of Green Piece - Emvicreative

The Secret Of Green Piece Kickstarter // Emvicreative

Once again, Marco and Vittorio have come together to put together an amazing range of resin miniatures that would be really fun to paint up. If you're a fan of anime, video games, TV and movies then this is well worth diving into. You will certainly find something worth picking up.

The Secret Of Green Piece Core Set - Emvicreative

The Secret Of Green Piece Core Set // Emvicreative

Whilst the newest collection of miniatures offers up a great set of Goblins for use in your games, there are also some cunning enemies for you to pit them against. The Dwarves have worked their way into the range now and you get five bearded fellows to go up against a crew of dastardly pirate Goblins.

I have some particular favourites here within the collection and neither of them are Dwarves! I LOVE the old Monkey Island games and so it was brilliant to Tretugz, The Seaman dropped into the mix.

Tretugz The Seaman - Emvicreative

Tretugz, The Seaman // Emvicreative

I imagine he is very good at holding his breath and he has a deep-seated hatred of porcelain. I am totally on board with the addition of the chicken to the miniature and you also still have one of those fun puppets on the base, this time holding a flintlock!

My second favourite character is Jerd, The Commander. Whilst this isn't quite LeChuck I like to think it is very, very close. I would love to paint him up with sallow skin and glowing red eyes.

Jerd The Commander - Emvicreative

Jerd, The Commander // Emvicreative

Despite my biases towards these particularly awesome miniatures, we also have a load of additional previews of the different characters. Each of them has been painted up and they look fantastic.

The Secret Of Green Piece Miniature - Emvicreative

The Secret Of Green Piece - Painted Miniature // Emvicreative

I have no doubt that Gerry is going to be all over this range. He already has quite a lot of these as we've talked about on OnTableTop in the past. Considering that he is working on a game to play with them, it would make sense to snap up the evil enemy Dwarves!

You can check out our Unboxings of the previous miniatures from Emvicreative down below...

It is well worth diving in and getting a closer look at this Kickstarter. It's creative, fun and only running for twelve days (at the time of writing) so make sure to get involved if you like the look of them.

Which is your favourite miniature?

"It's creative, fun and only running for twelve days!"

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