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Freebooters Fate



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Weekender XLBS: Future Campaigns & The Market Grows


Freebooter’s Pirates Call On A Goblin & A Walrus


Freebooter Miniatures have called on the aid of some more miscreants and strange creatures to aid them in their battles on the high seas. First up we have the pesky looking Chico who fights for the Goblin Pirates...

New Swashbucklers Set Sail For Freebooter’s Fate


Freebooter Miniatures have two more characters ready to hit the deck and start swashbuckling for their piratical game. We have both Swallow and Tipo Duros with blades and flintlocks at the ready for some good old fashioned scuffling...

Control Creatures & Other Pirates With New Freebooter Characters


Freebooter Miniatures have shown off two new mercenary units that have been added to their roster of characters for Freebooter's Fate. See what you think of Eugenie and Madame Gorgonne & Cesar. They both have very different ways of scrapping with the enemy...

Wild Warriors & Pigeon Shooting Snipers Arrive For Freebooter’s Fate


Freebooter Miniatures have shown off three new crewmen that you'll be able to add to your various warbands in Freebooter's Fate. Wild men, pigeon shooters and a strange shaman are all on the cards...

Freebooter Show Off Their Limited Edition Pirate Diorama


Freebooter Miniatures have shown off their newest Limited Edition Diorama which features Jebedia Bowyn and Victoria Innsfoot facing off against each other aboard the wreck of a pirate boat...

More Amazons Swing Into Action For Freebooter’s Fate


If you're looking for crewmates that know the treacherous paths of the jungle islands you're raiding in Freebooter's Fate then look no further than these new Amazons, Chicomeh and Matqueh.

Deckhands & New Characters Jump Ship From Freebooters


Freebooter's Fate have some more colourful characters for you to use in your games of piratical adventure. Not only are there new Asquerosos Fugosas but also the heroic Piccina and Sagitario...

Swashbucklers & Soup-Makers Come To Freebooter’s Fate


Three new models have signed up to join the various crews for Freebooter's Fate. Jamon Borodino, Kasper Boulott and the rather strange and mystical Lillith are all sailing the high seas in search of adventure...

Freebooter Miniatures Previews Their Salute Specials


Freebooter Miniatures gives us a look at this years offerings at Salute.

Head Down The Pub With Piedro & More For Freebooter’s Fate


Freebooter's Fate is being drawn into a bar fight with the coming of Piedro the Publican. He's breaking out the grog and there are a lot of thirsty sailors looking to drown their sorrows!

Freebooter’s Fate Peeks Into Its Chest of December Releases


December will bring more goodies riding the waves of Freebooter's Fate, a number of which have just been previewed.

Freebooter Welcomes A Mystic Goblin & Surly Undertaker


Will you be joining the Goblin crew of the crew of the Pirates and Cult when you see these new miniatures coming your way from Freebooters?

A New Amazon Slices & Dices In Freebooter’s Fate


Is this new Amazonian specialist for the world of Freebooter's Fate a miniature you'll be picking up?

Check Out Some Tragic Heroes Coming To Freebooter’s Fate


Freebooter's Fate is getting two more tragic heroes and they will be available at SPIEL during the middle of next month (October!).

Freebooter Minis Show Off What’s Coming At SPIEL!


Set sail and find some more releases for SPIEL coming out of Freebooter Miniatures! Do you think you'll be sticking a pin in someone come October?

Set Sail With More Releases For Freebooter’s Fate!


It's time to get all the more piratical with some new releases from Freebooter Miniatures! Do you think you'll be joining this new crew and setting sail?

The Amazonian Temple Guard Stand Ready For Freebooter’s!


Freebooter's Fate sees two more miniatures enter it's ranks and this time it's the Amazonian Temple Guard who will be looking after the ancient religious sites deep within the jungle!

What Manner of Minis Are Emerging from Freebooter’s Fate?


As we look through our telescope we can spy a bunch of new minis taking shape upon the work bench of Freebooter's Fate. What new crew members are emerging from the waves?

Thar Be Gobbo Thugs Aboard Freebooter’s Fate


Freebooter's Fate have a couple of new greenskins who aren't that colour because of seasickness, accompanied by a new mysterious member of the deadly Brotherhood.

Guard the Temples of the Amazons in Freebooter’s Fate


Over in the piratical world of Freebooter's Fate, two new Amazon warriors are appearing over the horizon. Check out the WIPs for the new Temple Guard.

The Amazonian Queen Xicoa Comes To Freebooter’s Fate


Freebooter's Fate welcome their mightiest of characters, the Amazonian Queen Xicoa!

Guard The Talented Master Harlequina In Freebooter’s Fate!


Head onto the high seas with some more piratical individuals and flamboyantly clothed characters for Freebooter's Fate.

Freebooter’s Fate Heads to the High Seas of Digital Downloads


Your modern day pirate needs more than just a hook for a hand and a parrot named polly, now he needs some sort of tablet device to keep all his gaming rules on. Hence why Freebooter's Fate is now available as a PDF from Wargame Vault and DriveThruRPG!

Freebooter Unleash Assassins & Cultists On Your Crew!


Take to the high seas with a whole bunch of new characters and deck hands for the world of Freebooter's Fate!

Hoist The Mainsail With Freebooter’s Big Jenny


Fire your pistols, swing your cutlass and unleash Big Jenny on your enemies as she storms around the ship making them pay!

Freebooter’s New Figures Raise The Knife & Feel The Force


Check out two more shipmates that could be joining your crew for Freebooter's Fate.

February Fills The Crews For Freebooter’s Fate!


That was a lot of alliteration wasn't it? Well, check out the awesome fantastical Freebooter's Fate crews within.

Freebooter’s Imperial Armada Finds New Leader


Freebooters have another awesome model out for your pirate crew. What do you think of this latest Imperial Armada leader who will be stamping out witches and more on the islands.

Freebooter Provide Us With A Christmas Captain Preview


Take to the seas with a rather dashing looking Captain from Freebooter's Fate. What do you think of this charismatic if misguided soldier of the sea?

Freebooter’s Fate is Infested With Undead Cephalopods


A bunch of new releases have appeared in the fantasy pirate game of Freebooter's Fate, including the rather odd addition of undead octopuses. Octopi?

The Pirate Queen Rules Over Freebooter’s Fate


Pirate leaders seem to be getting a lot more attractive these days, something ably embodied by Freebooter's Fate's new pirate queen Blanche Pascal.

Two Lovely Lasses Be Joinin’ Freebooter’s Fate, Arr


Arr, it be that time when I can break out me pirate typin' accent again, as Freebooter's Fate will soon be gettin' two new lasses to join yer crews.

Go Crazy With The Voodoo & New Crew From Freebooter’s Fate


Check out two more heroes for the world of Freebooter's Fate! I keep seeing this game pop up but I've never played it myself.

Captain Dèzette Takes To The Sea For Freebooter’s Fate!


Take to the high seas with two new miniatures for Freebooter's Fate! Which is your favourite?

Freebooter’s Hire An Amazonian Warrior & Undead Deckhands


It's time to get piratical once again with a look at some new models coming to Freebooter's Fate.

Freebooter’s Fate Summons Up Mystic Spirits


Freebooter's Fate has received a new expansion bringing all new threats for your pirate crews to face, including the mystical powers of a whole new faction. Dare you summon up some Mystic Spirits?

Pre-Order Some Bad Joojoo for Freebooter’s Fate


The shipping for all those who backed the Freebooter's Fate Indiegogo is about to begin so now a couple of minis are appearing for advance order for a short time. Get your thievin' hands on some of these:

A Sea Monkey Gets to the Freebooter’s Fate Rum


The latest sculpts from the the Freebooter's Fate IndieGoGo have been released. This time we are getting two of the most rum soaked adventurers of the high seas; Antoinette and her companion Scumbag.

Four New Heroes For The World Of Freebooter’s Fate


If you need more pirates for your crew then make sure to check out what's coming from Freebooter's Fate!

Two Freebooters Get Their IndieGoGo Make Overs


Freebooter's Fate is continuing to receive new sculpts made possible by the stretch goal of their IndieGoGo campaign. Now we are greeted by two special sculpts, the seductive Raven and the mercenary Captain Virgo.

Freebooter’s IndieGoGo Stretch Goal Models Come To Life


Check out these fantastic miniatures bought to life via the past stretch goals from the Freebooter IndieGoGo Campaign.

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