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Battle For El Cid’s Spain With New Metal Units From Warlord Games


Warlord Games has two new sets of metal miniatures to throw your way if you’re going to be getting into their Medieval version of Hail Caesar or indeed Shield Wall.

Join The Theban Sacred Band For Warlord’s Hail Caesar


Warlord Games aren’t just dealing with the Dark Ages at the moment as they also have some support for armies of the Ancient period too. One of their new pre-orders last weekend was for the Theban Sacred Band to help build up your Greek armies in Hail Caesar.

Fight Dark Age Battles With Warlord’s Shield Wall + New Starter Armies


Warlord Games have announced the coming of their new Shield Wall supplement for Hail Caesar.

Knights Of Camelot Seek Glory In Hail Caesar From Warlord Games


The Knights Of The Round Table bolster the Dark Ages in Hail Caesar

Weekender: Win A Lightseekers Starter Bundle & American Football Hits The Tabletop


It’s the Weekend!

Warlord Games’ Greek & Spartan Starter Armies Form Ranks


Warlord Games has added two big armies to their collection for those who like some Ancient warfare in the vein of Hail Caesar.

Hold The Hot Gates With Warlord’s Upcoming Spartan Army Set


If you like the idea of starting off an Ancient army but don’t fancy Romans then Warlord Games look to be creating a Spartan Starter Army as an alternative.

Warlord Games Open Pre-Order For The Roman Invasion Of Britain


Warlord Games have a huge new Hail Caesar box set for The Roman Invasion Of Britain, now available for pre-order.

A Saxon Invasion In Hail Caesar From Warlord Games


A huge release of 28mm Saxon minis from Warlord Games

A Norman Army Musters From Warlord Games For Hail Caesar


Warlord Games are focusing in on some more Dark Age releases for you this week as they show off their mustering Norman army with some new options for you.

Warlord Create A Viking Raiding Party With Saxon’s Range


Saxon Miniatures is transitioning to new ownership and Warlord Games has now banded together with them to produce a new Viking Raiding Party set for your Dark Age games.

Weekender XLBS: Waterloo Conspiracy Theories & Is Hex Terrain The Future of Gaming Tables?


It’s time for a proper dose of relaxation this
Sunday as we delve into the Weekender
XLBS and talk with you lovely Backstagers!

Warlord’s Macedonian War Elephants Stomp Into Hail Caesar


Warlord Games has shown off the Macedonian War Elephants joining the war effort for Hail Caesar. What do you make of these ancient tanks?

Weekender: Battle Systems Killer Sci-Fi Terrain & First Look At Awaken Realms’ The Edge


Join us for an awesome Weekender where we have plenty of competitions AND some great interviews for you too.

The Caesarian Romans & Germanic Tribes Arrive For Warlord’s Hail Caesar


Warlord Games has now released and collected together new boxed sets for use with Hail Caesar for both the Caesarian Romans and the Germanic Tribes. Will you side with Rome or fight against their mighty armies?

Fight Julius Caesar’s Campaigns With New Warlord Supplement


Age Of Caesar is a new supplement coming to Warlord Games’ Hail Caesar allowing you to follow in the footsteps of probably the most well-known Emperor in Rome’s history.

An Epic Hero Gets Previewed For Hail Caesar


Warlord Games have published a preview for a cool new model on it’s way to Hail Caesar.

Elephants Charge Into Hail Caesar Soon – Tanks Of The Ancient World


Elephants are charging into the world of Hail Caesar soon from Warlord Games. These ‘tanks of the ancient world’ fight for the Macedonian Successors.

Warlord Games Has Gone Heat Crazy With Free Plastic Sets


Warlord Games is having a big summer starter special. I think the heat is melting their brains.

Charge Into Battle With The Companion Cavalry Of Warlord Games


If you’re looking for a tough unit to ride into battle with for your Macedonian army led by Alexander the Great then you can’t go too far wrong with the Companion Cavalry from Warlord Games for Hail Caesar…

Lead Your Thorakitai In Hail Caeser With New Command Set


March into battle with the command part of the Thorakitai as Warlord Games release them for your regiments in Hail Caesar. Once again these are an interesting unit I didn’t know much about! Learning is fun!

Weekender XLBS: Hail Caesar! Getting Psyched For Ancient Wargaming!


Happy Sunday! This is a great one
for historical fans as Lloyd has
been getting really excited about
Romans and Ancient History
and loving the idea of wargaming
in not only the heyday of the
Roman Empire but also in it’s
first early years too.

Thureophoroi Peltasts Arrive For Hail Caesar Armies


If your army is short in number, or perhaps just needs some additional skill, Warlord has 2 new sets of soldiers for hire for Hail Caesar. For the right price, the Thureophoroi Peltasts and Thureophoroi Peltasts Command will quite happily aid your Roman armies.

Oh General, My General! Warlord Games Adds Greek Generals


The Greek army is in need of leadership. Warlord Games answers the call by releasing these two Greek generals.

Ride Into the Bronze Age on Hail Caesar 2 Horse Light Chariots


Warlord Games have released three variant sets of the two horse Light Chariots that were ridden to war throughout the Bronze Age.

Warlord Release Miniatures to Command Your Hail Caesar Hebrews


Warlord Games are taking us back to Biblical times with its next release for Hail Caesar, a command group for the armies of the early Hebrews.

Take to the Mountains with Warlord’s Bronze Age Later Highlanders


The mountains around Mesopotamia were home to many different highland clans, which can now join your armies of Hittites and other such ancient nations in Hail Caesar.

The Egyptians are Rolling In From Warlord Games!


New Egyptian sets have arrived from Warlord Games to counter the Hittites.

Rome’s Vorenus & Pullo Take Command In Hail Caesar


Add two heroes from both Roman history AND the show Rome to your games of Hail Caesar. I think these are pretty awesome and would give you a great reason to play out an awesome scenario.

Ride into battle on New Chariots for Warlord’s Hail Caesar


Round out your Roman battles with the new 2 man light chariots for Hail Caesar by Warlord Games- the perfect reinforcement for the 3 man heavy chariots.

Roll Like a Roman with Warlord’s Hail Caesar Dice


It’s time to roll them bones like they did in the days of the Roman Empire, as Warlord release a new set of Hail Caesar dice bearing roman numerals.

Chieftain Damennus Fights in Hail Caesar’s Germania


Warlord’s new Hail Caesar Germania supplement is up for pre-order, and as with all of their rule systems Warlord have got an exclusive miniature for those who buy directly from them. Behold the mighty chieftain Dennus Damennus!

March Your Hail Caesar Roman Legions Into Germania!


It’s time to march your Roman legions into the deadliest trap the Germanic Tribes ever sprung. Do you think you can change the course of history and march them through the horror?

More Bronze Age Warriors Swell Your Hail Caesar Ranks


What do you make of more Bronze Age warriors being added to the range of Hail Caesar models by Warlord Games? I quite like these ones!

Defend Ancient Cities With Early-Age Spearmen


Hail Caesar sees more ancient warriors come to defend their cities against the might of Rome.

Hunker Down Behind The Testudo From Warlord Games


Warlord Games get all defensive inside their Testudo formation that is back on the webstore.

Cut Down Macedonians With New Warlord Thracians


Check out these cruel looking warriors from Thrace armed with those deadly blades with the weird name! Ok it’s not that weird but they look nasty.

Warlord Bring Us the Cutting Edge of Biblical Warfare


Warlord Games have announced that they will be partnering with Cutting Edge Miniatures to bring us their Biblical Warfare range.

Hail Caesar’s Romans Must Deal With Parthian Riders


Warlord Games show off some of the deadly looking Parthian Horsemen who would hunt down the Romans with harrying shots from afar.

Warlord Plans The Invasion Of Britannia With New Romans


The Roman Empire is in need of new soldiers and you must provide with new Velites!

Begin The Invasion Of Albion Soon In Hail Caesar


Check out this new sourcebook on the way for Warlord’s Hail Caesar…

Fight For The Germanic Hordes In Warlord’s Hail Caesar


Warlord Games are back in ancient times bolstering the forces of the Germanic Tribes. What to you make of this mighty horde ready to descend on the Roman Empire?