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The Norsgard Shinobi Strikes From The Shadows Soon


Norsgard has a special release coming up soon with their Shinobi model. This assassin from the shadows will come with some nice looking artwork in its first 100 boxes too!

Norsgard Shinobi Miniature And Chance To Choose Art


Preview of upcoming model from Norsgard

Norsgard Tease New Models On The Way For 2017


The world of Norsgard continues to impress with some new models being sculpted up as we stride further into 2017. Leading the way is this Orc Scout for the Templars.

Persecutors Stalk Into The World Of Norsgard


Norsgard has welcomed some new additions to the Howling Horde as they showed off the Persecutors.

Norsgard Preview Upcoming Orc Warrior & Talk Board Games In 2017


Norsgard has given us some hints towards their future plans for their game and they begin with some more models for the range including this particular Orc within.

Weekender XLBS: Konflikt ’47, The Shakedown & Win Two Starter Sets


We're in for a packed show this Sunday so get stuck in and start watching!

Get A Closer Look At Norsgards New Orc Templars


Take a closer look at the new Orc Templar Commander and Black Fang Templar from Norsgard.

The Scarlet Watch Orc Templar Leads The Way In Norsgard


Norsgard are still powering through models for their epic Fantasy game. The preview this time focuses on a model they have sent to Babelben Minis, the Orc Templar.

ZEN Terrain Shows Off New Concept Art For More Norse Huts


ZEN Terrain is showing off some great concept art for three new Norse Huts for their Norsgard range. Just think of the viking village you can put together with these lovely MDF kits.

Fight Over The Shrine From ZEN Terrain For Norsgard


An additional Norsgard terrain piece has popped up from ZEN Terrain for you to use in your games. This Shrine is useful for the standard scenario in the game where you'll be battling over this...

ZEN Terrain Built A Stunning Mead Hall For Norsgard


Is your viking village in need of some buildings? ZEN Terrain will be releasing their Mead Hall, designed for Norsgard, tomorrow, which will add some wonderful detail to your fantasy game tables offering playable terrain both inside and out.

The Howling Horde Is Charging Into Norsgard


Norsgard have been showing off some more of the miniatures that will be riding out with the Howling Horde. See what you think of these mounted warriors with weapons at the ready...

Norsgard Look For Feedback On New Elk Riders


If you've been following Norsgard then you'll know that they love a bit of feedback from the community. This time around they want to know what you folk think of the Elk Rider...

Unboxing: Norsgard’s The Howling Horde


We're taking a look at the world of Norsgard today and start with a peek at one of their newest releases, The Howling Horde Starter Set.

Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter Launches Today!


Cool Mini or Not is hitting Kickstarter again to bring the next chapter to Arcadia Quest to life and it starts today!

Kickstarter Exclusives & Krasula Riders Come To Norsgard


The Norsgard Second Wave Kickstarter is doing incredibly well and with that we have some new models to appreciate. First up were taking a look at the Kickstarter Exclusive model who works as a Mercenary called Hjal The Dark Omen...

Norsgard’s Second Wave Kickstarter Begins For Two New Factions


Norsgard is back on Kickstarter to fund two new factions for their game. Both the Egir Tribe and the evil Elves of Outregard are coming to the tabletop to fight for glory with some rather special looking miniatures...

Norsgard Command The Howling Hordes With The Eyeless


A new character has been previewed for the upcoming Norsgard Kickstarter Campaign which looks to bring two new factions and more to their Fantasy world. See what you think of their work on the Eyeless Commander with a rather dangerous looking axe...

Undead Elves Stalk Towards The Tabletop In Norsgard


The second faction that will be popping up in the Norsgard Kickstarter has been revealed by them. The Outregard Undead Elves are looking a little bit like the Elves in an old(ish) console game called Kingdom Under Fire...

An Egir Commander Leads His Monster Hunters In Norsgard


The Kickstarter draws closer and Norsgard have revealed more about the Egir include a look at their new Commander model. There's also some great concept art showing off one of their Monster Hunters diving into the icy cold waters to save a fellow sailor...

Norsgard Share More Artwork Of Upcoming Egir Tribesmen


Last week we shared the news that Norsgard were going to be heading back to Kickstarter to fund two new factions, the Outregard Undead Elf and Wulfkin alliance and the Egir Tribesmen. Well, we've got some more of their artwork showing off the Commanders of the Egir...

Norsgard To Kickstart Two New Factions This October


The team at Norsgard have plans to go back to Kickstarter this October in order to fund the coming of two new factions for their Fantasy game. This is the first piece of artwork showing off the Egir Tribe who are made up of fishermen and sailors who have braved the icy seas...

Progress Continues On Norsgard With The Persecutor


Things are ramping up for the release of more models in the Norsgard range after its successful Kickstarter. The latest render shows off a model from the Howling Horde, the Persecutor who is looking ace...

The Scarlet Watch & Alliance Of The Bat Come To Life For Norsgard


Norsgard is coming soon to the tabletop and with that in mind it's great to see some of the models coming together into their Starter Sets. The ones below are for the Scarlet Watch and the Alliance of the Bat. See what you think of them...

The Rulebook For Norsgard Comes Together


The world of Norsgard is coming together now and they have been focusing on getting their Rulebook ready. See what you think of the front and back covers...

Norsgard Give You A Choice! Which Orc Hero To Sculpt First?


Choose from three Orcs Heroes concepts by the folks at Norsgard and let us know which one you'd like to see sculpted up first!

Bring The Hammer Down & Blow Stuff Up With Norsgard!


Smash your way into the world of Norsgard with the upcoming Crimson Champion and an upcoming Wulfkin Commander who is quite the lithe sword fighter.

Call On The Power From Above With Norsgard’s Ravn Skaller


Norsgard welcomes another neat looking character calling on the power from above. See what you think of Ravn Skaller calling on the power from above.

Norgard’s Wulfkin Nearly Ready For The Fight!


Norsgard show off some of their Wulfkin heading off to the printers soon. These folks were really great on Kickstarter last year and have plenty to show off in 2015.

More Wulf’kin, Dwarves & Mighty Orcs For Norsgard


See what Norsgard has in store for you with not only the unlocked Silver Fury for the Wulf'kin but also some extra Dwarven firepower and a rampaging Orc on the horizon!

Norsgard Show Off Previews For The Alliance Of The Bat!


Norsgard have previewed some work-in-progress sculpts for the mighty Alliance of the Bat which comes with some Dwarves so I have to like them!

Norsgard Alliance Of The Bat Unlocked & New Stretch Goals!


See what you think of the new stretch goals coming your way for the Norsgard Kickstarter that is still going great guns!

First Norsgard Gameplay Video Pops Up For Close Combat!


See how Norsgard is shaping up on Kickstarter with not only a gameplay video showing off Close Combat but their next stretch goal being only a few pledges away!

Norsgard Kickstarter Blasts Through Stretch Goals!


Norsgard has taken to Kickstarter and been going down a storm! You can check some of the awesome new stretch goals for the game as well including the Mistress of the Hunt and the snarling Wulfkin!

Norsgard Head Into The Mountains With Dwarf Previews!


Some more news from Norsgard and this time it's the mighty warriors from the mountains that are getting a look in. Dwarves are coming to deal out some punishment!

The Wulfkin Stalk Into The World Of Norsgard!


See what Norsgard have up their sleeve as the Wulfkin stalk out in both concept art and render form!

Muster The Ice Elves Of Norsgard With The Power Of IndieGoGo


See what you think of the Ice Elves from Norsgard as they look to make an appearance on the tabletop sooner rather than later through IndieGoGo.

Slinking Ice Elf Blood Witches Come To Norsgard


What do you think of these rather sultry looking Ice Elves that will be heading to IndieGoGo for Norsgard?

Norsgard’s Elves Unleash The Cursed On The Battlefield


Norsgard brings out a new model for their Elven faction. What do you think of this different take on this age old race that's been twisted by demons?

Norsgard Starter Boxes Now Up For Grabs!


Norsgard have finally put out two starter sets for their fantasy world. Get playing!

Norsgard Show Off More Miniatures Coming Next Week


Norsgard have more previews to show off as they close in on their release next week.

Norsgard Get Ready For Releases Next Week!


Norsgard will finally be seeing a release next week with the starters for some of the factions.

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