Inside The Core Box & Beyond For Games Workshop’s Warcry!

July 15, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has dropped a bloomin' massive update on what is coming for Warcry, the skirmish game set within the world of Age Of Sigmar. You'll be able to snag yourself a pre-order for the game this coming weekend.

WarCry Starter Set - Games Workshop

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Warcry is to Age Of Sigmar what Kill Team is to Warhammer 40,000, offering up a skirmish experience which can be played in no time at all on a smaller board. As they defined it in the video above this article, Warcry is like a game of Age Of Sigmar with no turn one, diving straight into the action which is frantic and brutal with blood and bone being sent sprawling across the board from the word go.

What's In The Set?

The set above comes with everything you need to get started in the game. You get two warbands, the Iron Golems...

Iron Golem Warband - Games Workshop

...and the Untamed Beasts. Both of these warbands are not tied to a particular god from the Chaos pantheon and instead follow a creed of warfare that defines their tribe.

Untamed Beasts Warband - WarCry

For example, the Iron Golems are the weaponsmiths of Archaon's mighty armies. They revel in the forging of weapons and armour, tuning their bodies to become living weapons. You'll notice Ogors and Duardin amongst their ranks too.

The Untamed Beasts are focused on the primal thrill of battle. They are driven to be as dangerous as the wild animals that prowl the realm of Chaos around the Varanspire. Talking of wild animals, the set also comes with a band of wandering creatures that you might encounter in your skirmishes or indeed enthral into service. You'll get these deadly screeching Raptorx...

WarCry Raptoryx - Games Workshop

...and the cunning looking Harpies which hang from blasted ruins, looking for their next prey. I love the aesthetic already for Warcry, giving us a truly grimdark look at the realm of Chaos and the characters that inhabit it. Not all Chaos tribes are going to follow the same stringent doctrines of the Chaos Gods so it's good to see a range of figures and monsters which sit firmly in the 'Undivided' area of worship.

WarCry Harpies - Games Workshop

As well as all of the creatures and characters here you'll also get yourself some terrain and a double-sided board to play on. The terrain is meant to pack a board full of interesting gameplay elements, allowing you to run and leap around the crumbling ruins.

WarCry Terrain - Games Workshop

It looks like good fun to play around and shows off the once proud Order structures that once stood within this realm. Now they have been tainted and reclaimed by Chaos for Archaon's unfathomable machinations. I really like the fallen head of Sigmar they have turned into a little watchtower!

WarCry Core Book - Games Workshop

Additionally, the box will come with all of the tokens and cards you need in order to play the game plus the Core Book which contains all of the new rules for Warcry. According to the designers, there are millions of combinations of quests and scenarios you can be sent on due to the way cards are drawn for each encounter. I like the sound of that!

Beyond The Starter Set

Stepping beyond what's offered as part of the Starter Set you'll find that the team at Games Workshop are going to be expanding Warcry with new terrain elements to give you alternative environments to play in.

WarCry Corpsewrack Mausoleum - Games Workshop

Above you'll find the Corpsewrack Mausoleum which gives you what looks like a new double-sided board and also some new terrain which has been revamped from its old Warhammer Fantasy Battles days.

You'll also find expanded rules for using warbands which are not serving the Chaos Gods. Here is a rundown of the different warbands from other Grand Alliances that you'll be able to call on as you head off in search of glory on the battlefield.

WarCry Alternative Warbands - Games Workshop

Each set you pick up for these alternative warbands will contain ability and fighter cards for every model you can use in these warbands. Because Warcry is a very small scale game it means that a single box of models should give you enough models for a full 1000 point warband to use in the game.

WarCry Alternative Warbands (Cards) - Games Workshop

I think this is a great idea and means that you're immediately able to get stuck into some adventures on the tabletop with Warcry without having to buy much beyond these cards and the Core Box is you want. This is also just the tip of the iceberg and you will be able to pick up more warbands in the future as Games Workshop develop the game.

Different Flavours Of Chaos

As I mentioned above, the new warbands give us a look at the different ways the tribes worship the Chaos Gods. One of the warbands which was previewed over the weekend completes the array of options open to those playing Warcry, the Cypher Lords.

Cypher Lords Teaser - Games Workshop

With a focus towards perhaps the Lord Of Change, these Asian inspired warriors look to be a joy for someone who wants to get stuck in with bright colours when painting! I really like what they've done here and can't wait to see what people do with the warband.

If you'd like to see the rest of the warbands revealed for Warcry you can check them out HERE.

So, are you going to be drawn into Warcry?

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