Spectre Prepare Two New Special Operatives For Modern Wargames

November 30, 2018 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures has added two new characters into the mix for use with your Modern Warfare games. The first of these is the FSB Kill Team CQB Specialist.

FSB Kill TEam CQB Specialist - Spectre Miniatures

This fellow has been included into the mix to work as a proper close quarters specialists, fighting in buildings and tightly packed urban environments. He has been kitted out to deal with gang members and such who are heavily armed and armoured, concealing his vest underneath the civilian jacket so he can almost work without being spotted too easily.

I mean the mask and the gun might give it away shortly after you see him...

We also have the Task Force Nomad Undercover Operator who will be working in the background to try and take out targets without so much as a whisper of her being there.

Task Force Nomad Undercover Operator - Spectre Miniatures

You could imagine her being deployed by MI6 or CIA into places like the Middle-East to develop contacts and either protect them or take out specific targets.

She comes armed with a silenced pistol for such an eventuality. Are you going to be snapping up either of these two new characters?

Let us know below!

"Are you going to be snapping up either of these two new characters?"

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