Turner Miniatures Tear Europe Asunder With New Waterloo Range

July 11, 2023 by brennon

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Turner Miniatures are looking to come to Kickstarter later this month with a new range of 3D Printable files. This time, Turner focuses on Waterloo with Europe Asunder which is going to be bringing a range of 15mm Napoleonic miniatures to the tabletop for the British, French, Prussians and various allied forces.

British Infantry - Turner Miniatures

British Infantry // Turner Miniatures

There are going to be a variety of releases as part of the Kickstarter which is looking to bring 15mm armies to the tabletop. You'll be able to pick up a range of Line Infantry for the British, French, Prussians and more including the Landwehr. The miniatures will be available in strips which will show soldiers marching and firing.

French Infantry - Turner Miniatures

French Infantry // Turner Miniatures

As well as the Marching and Firing Battalions, you'll also be able to get skirmishers for the British and the French. For example, the French will get the Voltigeurs and all of these will come in action poses. There are also options for Turner Miniatures to expand on this when it comes to stretch goals.

Prussian Infantry - Turner Miniatures

Prussian Infantry // Turner Miniatures

You'll also be able to get your hands on Foot Artillery for the different nations, Artillery Trains and Wagons, three different types of Cavalry for each nation and also HQ/Command sets to lead the way. Essentially, this seems like a pretty darn good way to get yourself a whole bunch of armies for the Napoleonic period in 15mm.

Landwehr - Turner Miniatures

Landwehr // Turner Miniatures

You will also be able to pick up a series of Personality & Character packs which will allow you to snap up the iconic movers and shakers from the period. That means the likes of Wellington, Napoleon and such which might be handy for that ol' scuffle at Waterloo!

British Cavalry - Turner Miniatures

British Cavalry // Turner Miniatures

Turner Miniatures have remade all of the jackets, cuffs and even worked on new musket sculpts for this project. All of the infantry have also been heightened and tweaked slightly and the majority of the new units have been created using new assets rather than just using the old ones. Quality is the focus of this project and offering up the best 15mm miniatures they can for those wanting to explore the period.

French Cavalry - Turner Miniatures

French Cavalry // Turner Miniatures

The scope for this project is pretty vast and I really like the look of the miniatures we've seen so far in render form. I think what's neat is that a lot of work has gone into bringing the facial details to life alongside the little signifiers which allow you to tell which army is which at a glance.

If you're interested in trying out these miniatures for yourself and getting a little bit of a sneak peek at what's going to be part of the Kickstarter, you can download a set of Free Samples HERE. There are a few infantry miniatures here alongside cavalry too so you can have some fun printing and painting these.

We also got a nice peek at some painted examples from Turner Miniatures too...

British Infantry Painted - Turner Miniatures

British Infantry Painted // Turner Miniatures

These have come together very nicely I think you'll agree! These miniatures would pop very nicely with the use of Speed or Contrast paints, making working on regiments a doddle! There is also this awesome British Officer who is getting ready to lead folks into battle.

British Officer - Turner Miniatures

British Officer // Turner Miniatures

Europe Asunder: Waterloo is going to be coming to Kickstarter towards the end of July so you've got some time to do a little bit of research and decide on the army you want to paint. Could you be tempted to dive in and paint up a Napoleonic army using the Turner Miniatures range?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Could you be tempted to dive in and paint up a Napoleonic army using the Turner Miniatures range?"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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