Oathsworn’s New Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter Goes Live!

June 1, 2022 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures has fired up their new Kickstarter campaign for Burrows & Badgers this week. Running for just five days (four now!), the campaign introduces three new sets of miniatures into the mix.

The Streets Of New Castle Kickstarter - Burrows & Badgers

The Streets Of New Castle Kickstarter // Burrows & Badgers

The new campaign named The Streets Of New Castle, has you wandering through one of the more urban environments in the Burrows & Badgers world. You'll be able to make new warbands using the regular folk of Northymbra and some of the more nefarious members of this anthropomorphic world.

The first of these is the set of Townsfolk that you could use as part of your warband or potentially as annoyed NPCs that have been dragged into the chaos you're causing on the streets of New Castle.

Townsfolk - Burrows & Badgers

Townsfolk // Burrows & Badgers

Talking of chaos, you can also pick up the Street Gang set that are made up of all sorts of different ruffians.

Street Gang - Burrows & Badgers

Street Gang // Burrows & Badgers

These are the kinds of folks who would wander the streets looking to get protection money out of the towns folk that we showed off above. If you're wanting to see better images of the miniatures from these bundles, make sure to check out the Kickstarter page.

Capping things off, we have the City Watch who are going to be trying to keep some law and order.

City Watch - Burrows & Badgers

City Watch // Burrows & Badgers

Here you'll find some much more heavily armoured individuals that you could use as a warband on their own or mixed in alongside some of the other miniatures in the Burrows & Badgers collection.

As well as buying each of the sets separately, you can also get the All-In Pledge that offers up the chance to get all of these metal miniatures for your collection.

All-In Pledge - Burrows & Badgers

All-In Pledge // Burrows & Badgers

Painted previews have also popped up online from the folks at Oathsworn Miniatures on Kickstarter if you're interested in seeing how these miniatures look with a bit of colour on them!

The campaign is running on a short timeline so if you want to get stuck into the campaign then you should probably get your skates on.

Are you going to be backing the campaign?

"Painted previews have also popped up online from the folks at Oathsworn Miniatures on Kickstarter..."

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