Paranoid Now Taking On Kickstarter With Mythos Project

April 19, 2016 by brennon

Paranoid Miniatures are now live on Kickstarter looking to fund their world of Cthulhu-inspired horror and called Mythos. If you're looking for fascinating miniatures dripping with character then you'll want to take a closer look...


The game is looking fantastic and if you want to get a handle on the gameplay you can watch the video above for some more information.

What Is Mythos?

Mythos is an game which operates on a few different levels. As well as Standard Play which enables you to simply clash with two factions they also have Campaign Play where you fight through linked scenarios. This also enables you to develop your own characters!

One Box

Talking of developing your own characters they also have the Role-Playing Campaign around the corner too. This will enable you to level up and play with your own characters developing an entire faction based around your own ideas.

Two Box

As you can see you have three different factions to choose from and while you can follow their own characters and their stories I think the real knack to this game is going to creating your own narrative.

All of the boxed sets also come with that rather ace looking Cultist Leader who might be able to lead a band of Cultists in the future.

Factions Of Mythos

Now let's take a look at some of the factions that are part of Mythos. First up we have The Priory...


"We once stood amongst them many in numbers to fight the threats that came in the night. We were the shaman and medicine men, the witch doctors and soothsayers, the seers and the prophets. We guided our people and held in our minds the lore of generations.

Over the centuries we passed down what we knew by word of mouth and written script that others would know the truth and be able to fight against the darkness. But humanity has become arrogant."

As you might imagine these are the investigators and those of ancient power that have been trying to hold back the darkness over the years. I love their investigators and the style they've gone for here.

Following along from them and decidedly more evil we have the Hidden Ones.

Hidden Ones

"We will feast like never before, delighting in Humanities fear and terror, consuming their bodies and sending their still screaming souls to our God, our Father.

We have learned their ways as we waited, to better hide in plain sight; we can now wear and control the skins of men and women, of boys and girls that we might remain within our hunting grounds and not have to return to the seas embrace."

These are the creatures of darkness that have tried to mix in with the world of humans, trying to infiltrate everything about our world to bring it down from the inside. As you can see they have a strong sea-based theme to them which I think is great and already conjures up interesting imagery for gaming tables.

Lastly (for now) we have the Custos Crypta who are new for this Kickstarter campaign...

Custos Crypta

"Guardians of the dead Pharaohs of Egypt for thousands of years, the Custos Crypta have long served the Egyptian Priesthood as creatures of power and a connection to the Gods.

In form they are closely related to the Scarab and many believe they were sent by the God Anubis as a death icon due to their voracious appetite for flesh."

Now you can send your investigators into the dark and hot crypts of Egypt to face these terrifying creations. I'd love to somehow work these in as a third 'NPC' faction in a game where multiple groups of investigators are hunting around in a tomb and have to face a swarm of these.

Make sure to check out their Kickstarter for more information!

"Talking of developing your own characters they also have the Role-Playing Campaign around the corner too..."

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