Missed The Mantic Games Open Day? Watch It All Here

May 11, 2020 by brennon

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Mantic Games held their Open Day over the weekend virtually and there was plenty of awesomeness to check out. Whether you're a fan of their Sci-Fi games or their Fantasy collection, there was something for you. To begin with, a peek at what's new for Deadzone & Warpath.

You can watch the Q&A up above for more information on what's coming for both games and the shape they are in but they also showed off the ace new Asterian Spectra in more detail. See what you think of this brilliant looking new addition to the range.

-5eb955e5b62a8--5eb955e5b62a9Asterian Spectra Painted #1 - Mantic Games.jpg

There are a couple of different ways that you can build this model, each with that lovely looking shield. This is a real step up from Mantic Games and shows off the kind of sculpting they have been getting up to behind the scenes. This is enough to make me want to just pick up Asterians to paint!

-5eb955e84b587--5eb955e84b589Asterian Spectra Painted #2 - Mantic Games.jpg

I do like both the melee and ranged options for the Spectra and I love how clean and deadly it looks. Looking at the two choices of heads, I think I prefer the right one with those robotic eyes staring down its opponents. It looks deadly and swift!

Kings Of War & Vanguard

Moving away from the Sci-Fi, we also had a load of new reveals for the Fantasy side of things too. First up, we have the video that they shared from the day...

I have always been partial to the Ogres from Mantic Games and the new tease of their Vanguard miniatures has had me looking at their webstore again.

Vanguard Ogres - Mantic Games

Here you've got the Berserker Bully, Boomer Sergeant and Matriarch who will be joining their range soon. It's good to see some dynamism on these big hulking Ogres from Mantic and I think they've done an excellent job at building on those original sculpts. I've never done a big chunky army before but these could well be a good in for Kings Of War and Pannithor.

Following on from that, we also got a look at the Nightstalkers and what they have to offer. To begin with we have the terrifying Dreadfiend which is more claws and teeth than it is natural. I could see this gobbling its way across the battlefield.

-5eb955ea307c4--5eb955ea307c5Dreadfiend - Mantic Games.jpg

You've also got these superb looking Soulflayers who are a big new cavalry option for the Nightstalkers. These horse-like steeds are a good replacement for traditional cavalry and work within the look and feel of the Nightstalkers as a whole. I think folks will have a lot of fun painting these.

-5eb955ed534e0--5eb955ed534e1Soulflayers - Mantic Games.jpg

On the terrain side of things, you've also got this explosive Well Of Souls. Now, this is a battlefield objective if I've ever seen one and certainly the nexus of power that you'll have to shut down in a Fantasy roleplay or dungeon delve too.

Well Of Souls - Mantic Games

Depending on how you paint this up, it could fit into a lot of different armies. Balefire and green/blue would be great for the undead whilst fire and yellow/red would be suitable for something more Abyssal.

Last but not least was a big piece of artwork which showed Goblins clashing with Ratkin titled War In The Holds.

-5eb955f524ee4--5eb955f524ee6War In The Holds - Mantic Games.jpg

This was hinted at being the new cover for the next two-player starter set for the game. I am very up for seeing what new models they throw into the mix for this set since they look to have a lot of troops, monsters and fun characters to play around with!

Additional Videos

You can also dive in and check out a bunch of extra videos from the weekend...

Did you manage to catch this weekend of content and if not, what are you most looking forward to now you've checked out the previews?

Drop your thoughts below!

"what are you most looking forward to now you've checked out the previews?"

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