Creatures Of All Elements Join Kings Of War’s Forces Of Nature

April 8, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games are expanding upon the armies of Kings of War with the Forces of Nature. There are a number of different bundles available HERE and we begin by focusing in on the armies for the Naiads and the Salamanders. Each of them contains an array of warriors AND a leader to follow into battle.

Fiery Salamanders

First up we have the Clan of Fire where you have Hrath Flamespitter leading the way with sixty salamanders in tow.

Clan Of Fire

This allows you to create a large army of lizards to use as part of the Forces of Nature or as their own army. Hrath is actually from Dungeon Saga!


The Salamanders are looking good in their deep red here but it would be interesting to see what you could do with some alternative schemes. For example I'd love to see what you could do with these models in an icy environment. White and blue scales with crystals on the bases instead of flames.

Stormy Seaworthy Naiads

Following on from them we have the army for the Naiads. Arianya is at the head of a similar deal with the Fury of the Sea. She too is leading sixty warriors into battle.

Fury of the Sea

These are certainly the chalk and cheese of the Kings of War world mastering different elements. I quite like both sets of models here but I also quite like this alternative paint scheme that Mantic Games have come up with.


Once again it might be neat to explore a different environment for these Naiads. While they dwell in the oceans it would be awesome to add some that have lived in deep caves all their lives with paler skin and potentially a more evil look to them.

Mighty Creatures & Noble Warriors

Last but not least I also picked out this hulking beast, the Greater Earth Elemental.

Greater Earth Elemental

I always liked the idea of massive mountains of earth and rock lumbering up out of the ground to fight. Here's a size comparison of this monstrous creature to show how bulky this is against normal miniatures.

Earth Elemental (Size Comparison)

You have plenty of interesting chances to work on your painting here as well as a bit of weathering too. I'd find a way to add little patches of flock as earth/grass on his body to show that he's been slumbering for a long time.

Additionally fighting for the Forces Of Nature we have the Centaurs led by this noble Chieftain with mighty axe in hand.

Centaur Chief

I really like this model. I think scale-wise they appear to have hit the nail on the head here. Additionally the paint is great giving him a muted and understated look. I think it's ok that this Centaur has a more commanding stance than an attacking one as he commands his folk from the trees.

Talking of his warriors we do have some Centaurs here...


Here we see them in their Hunter guise with an array of weapons to hand. You can also arm these warriors with bows if you so desire.

Power From The Earth

Not all of the Forces of Nature creatures and characters are from different worlds however. We also have this Human/Elven Druid who might be summoning these creatures to her side.


Maybe she was even able to bring these Forest Shamblers from the depths of the forest to fight against those interlopers that dare disturb the quiet of the woods.

Forest Shamblers

I really like these miniatures and fell in love with them when they were previewed a few months ago. I love the twisted nature of their bark bodies and Mantic have done a good job of making them look ancient but powerful.

What kind of Forces of Nature force will you be summoning?

What do you think of these new models?

"Can't beat big dragon-like warriors with flaming swords..."

"...fighting for the Forces Of Nature we have the Centaurs led by this noble Chieftain with mighty axe in hand"

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