Wyrd Preview Poisoners & Twisted Beasts For Malifaux

June 11, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been previewing more characters and creatures which are going to be making their way into the world of Malifaux soon. We start with the cruel-looking Dr Meredith Stanley.

Dr Meredith Stanley - Malifaux.jpg

Dr Meredith Stanley Art // Malifaux

Brewing up all manner of different concoctions, she doesn't look like someone that you'd want to cross. I think that more often than not, her decriers and naysayers have eaten something a little bit funky and ended up dead shortly afterwards.

The artwork conveys a great sense of intensity about it and it will be nice to see if that translates over into the final model. A lot of the Malifaux miniatures are very delicately detailed so I'd imagine the final product will look pretty similar. I enjoy seeing how people paint those vials of liquid.

Malifaux's Monstrous Malisaurus

As well as the more subtle Meredith Stanley, we also got a look at both the artwork and renders for the Malisaurus Rex.

Malisaurus Rex - Malifaux

Malisaurus Rex Art // Malifaux

This beast has been known to wander the world already and was actually part of Jurassic Faux, a Through the Breach One-Shot. However, a miniature is soon going to be available for the creature and you can see how it shapes up against a fleeing fellow here.

Malisaurus Rex Render - Malifaux

Malisaurus Rex Render // Malifaux

I don't think you'd want to wake this thing from its slumber. With both Fae and Apex keywords to its name, it can be employed and sent into the fighting by Titania’s force as well as Lord Cooper’s and you could have a lot of fun seeing what havoc this can sow.

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"...you could have a lot of fun seeing what havoc this can sow"

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