Stop A Criminal Heist With Spectre Miniatures New US SWAT Team

July 4, 2023 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures have released three new sets of miniatures and a new vehicle for those diving into their 28mm Modern Warfare wargame, Spectre Operations. We start with the US SWAT Team, locked and loaded and ready to blast their way into a bank to stop the criminals.

US SWAT Team - Spectre Miniatures

US SWAT Team // Spectre Miniatures

This set was actually designed using information from an Officer in the Central Texas region who helped with the accuracy of the kit, the posing and the roles that these SWAT Officers would take on during a call. The set comes of seven SWAT Officers all of them carrying an M4. The rifles are equipped with medium-range optics, lights and lasers. They all carry a sidearm, flash grenades, additional ammo, communication units, flex cuffs and other specialist equipment.

You also have some SWAT Officers with additional body armour and one of them is carrying a ballistic shield which is used for protecting against light arms fire. You finally have a Marksman who can watch from the sidelines with a Suppressed G28 DMR. A fully armed team ready to kick the ass of some criminals.

You'll also note that the picture above shows the Bearcat which is a solid vehicle for ferrying your SWAT Officers to the scene of the crime.

Criminal Elements!

As well as the US SWAT Team, you also have two sets of criminals to pick up and add to your games. I really like the idea of engaging with the Games Master-based gameplay of Spectre and having a bunch of players take on the role of SWAT whilst the Games Masters throws loads of sneaky villains into different hiding places to ambush you and make your life tough!

Heist Crew - Spectre Miniatures

Heist Crew // Spectre Miniatures

Undoubtedly the coolest of the two sets is the Heist Crew who are professional and organised criminals. They are looking suave and probably work like a well-oiled machine, busting open bank after bank and using the money to bring better technology with them in the future.

Two miniatures carry MPX SMGs whilst you have others with Desert Tec MDR Assault Rifles. You also have the mandatory duffle bags which are great for stuffing loads of money into!

The final set is for the Criminal Element Gang.

Criminal Element Gang - Spectre Miniatures

Criminal Element Gang // Spectre Miniatures

You get eight miniatures in this set which could be used to represent criminals fighting in lots of different urban environments. Spectre has recommended them for the likes of Chicago, Belfast, London, Paris, Beirut or maybe even the Gaza Strip if you like. All of them come in civilian clothes so you could paint them up to match your home turf if you liked.

There are a variety of weapons in the set (only some seen here) including a sledgehammer, M4s, Galil Assault Rifles, Tec 9 SMGs, Swan-Off Shotguns and a Sports Shotgun. A perfectly good bunch of vandals ready to cause chaos on the streets.

These new miniatures are all awesome and have got me thinking about fun scenarios to play out. You could go down the Historical route and play out actual conflicts or you could go Hollywood and use these to recreate some awesome crime movies instead.

What kind of showdown will you be playing with these?

"These new miniatures are all awesome and have got me thinking about fun scenarios to play out..."

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