Firelock Games Loose The Pigeons For Blood & Valor

November 7, 2019 by brennon

Firelock Games and Phalanx Consortium's new venture, Blood & Valor, isn't far off and so they have been showing off some more sculpts that you'll be able to pick up for the US in this World War I wargame.

US Army Characters - Blood & Valor

One of the newest previews was for a set of more commanding figures for use in your force. One of the neatest things about this set is that there is actually someone called a Pigeoneer. As you might imagine, they trained pigeons and were the ones responsible for keeping them and sending them out to deliver messages. He even gets an assistant who is watching over him with his rifle.

You also have the named character there in Major Whittlesey who led the fabled Lost Battalion and was a Medal Of Honor recipient.

As well as these options above they have also been working on some heavy weapons too.

Chauchat Gunner & His Assistant - Blood & Valor

Above we have the Chauchat Gunner & His Assistant which might allow you to lay down a little bit more firepower on the battlefield and keep the enemy pinned. All of this is looking very neat indeed and I know a few people who are interested in exploring World War I more on the tabletop. You can even see our little game of it we got here...

This gives you a taste for the game and hopefully, we'll get more time to explore this in the future. We're very interested to see these figures go from render to metal.

What do you think?

"I know a few people who are interested in exploring World War I more on the tabletop..."

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