New African Militia Models Strike Back From Spectre Miniatures

December 16, 2019 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures has been revisiting one of their most popular ranges this week with the release of new models for the African Militia range. Some new leader characters have joined the cause and will be fighting for various warlords and nefarious groups.

African Militia Warlord Bravo - Spectre Miniatures

At the head of things here, we have African Militia Warlord Bravo who has a very similar look to a certain revolutionary. Clad in a heavy jacket and rocking a rifle with an underslung grenade launcher, this fellow is certainly meaning business and might be the target you need to take out in your scenarios.

He is then supported by a pair of Squad Leaders who could be used to take command of some of the different elements of his force.

African Militia Squad Leader Alfa - Spectre Miniatures

Both African Militia Squad Leader Alfa and African Militia Squad Leader Bravo look like they have very different approaches to how to solve problems. Alfa looks like he is a bit more gung-ho and flashy, bringing all sorts of hardware into play...

African Militia Squad Leader Bravo - Spectre Miniatures

...whilst Bravo seems a bit more pragmatic and focused on the job at hand. I think it might just be the big puffer jacket and gold chain which makes me think that the former is a bit more of a gangbanger than anything. Perhaps they are both the Warlord's sons and have found themselves thrust into positions of power?

We also have some new firepower in the form of the African Nomad Support Alfa pack which comes with an RPG and LMG.

African Nomad Support Alfa - Spectre Miniatures

This adds even more options into the mix for those playing as the Africans or at least going up against them during your games of Spectre Operations. I really like the host of different characters that they've been working on meaning that you can create some fascinating foes to face on the tabletop. You have so many sculpts now that each of them could be unique!

What do you make of the new African offerings?

"Perhaps they are both the Warlord's sons and have found themselves thrust into positions of power?"

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