Spectre Train Up New Chinese Special Forces Miniatures

January 4, 2019 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures are calling on the Chinese Special Forces with some new releases for the start of 2019. As a power, they've always been working behind the scenes and so it's good to get a look at some of the soldiers that are no doubt on operations right now around the world.

Chinese Special Forces Assault Squad - Spectre

The first of the sets to be added into their collection was the Assault Squad which comes armed with a whole range of different rifles and additional kit. These feel like they'd be a good backbone for your expanding force on the tabletop, giving you a good basis for starting out in Spectre Operations if you were new to the game or wanting to go in a different direction other than the UK or US.

As well as the Assault Squad there's also the Jungle Squad who are looking a lot more specialised.

Chinese Special Forces Jungle Squad - Spectre

As you can see the range of weapons on offer here expands somewhat to include submachine guns, shotguns and there's even a modern crossbow thrown into the mix too. Sometimes getting that silent kill on an enemy might be the difference between alerting them to your presence and succeeding in the mission.

I hope that as well as expanding upon this collection we also see Spectre providing us with some missions for them to undertake too. It would be great to see some scenarios dreamt up for them, tied into their regular operations.

What do you make of the new Chinese Special Forces?

"It would be great to see some scenarios dreamt up for them, tied into their regular operations..."

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