Dive Back Into Adeptus Titanicus With New Core Set & More

January 30, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop is making sure that you have more options for Adeptus Titanicus as they have their sights set on a Core Set which can get you sorted for with the game. It will contain plenty of mighty titans in tiny form.

Adeptus Titanicus Box Set - Games Workshop

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The set gets you to dive back into the world of Adeptus Titanicus with rules, miniatures, tokens, dice and more but doesn't overlap with the content that was present in the Grand Master Edition of the game which released not long ago. So, if you're looking to expand upon your collection you can still use this set or at least share it with a friend.

Miniatures-wise you're going to get two Reavers, two Warhounds and two Cerastus Knights. If you do share it with a friend then the idea is that you'll get a nice pair of balanced forces which you can use to start playing through your own little campaigns.

Big Guns Never Tire

One of the new Titans is the Warbringer Nemesis Titan which is armed with some serious firepower allowing it to blast through all manner of foes.

Warbringer Nemesis Titan - Games Workshop

Weapons-wise it comes with an arm-mounted volcano cannon, laser blaster, and the back-mounted quake cannon which is a serious bit of kit. Massive Titans like this fellow here can then wander through some rather awesome looking terrain as you can see here.

Manufactorum Munitorum Terrain - Games Workshop

This set of terrain from the Manufactorum Imperialis set will give you barrels, cranes, armoured containers, pipelines, generators and silos. They are also pretty interactive apparently too which means that you can truly delve into some cinematic battlefields.

Shadow & Iron

All of this is coming out alongside a new book called Shadow & Iron which takes you back to some more iconic moments from The Horus Heresy.

Shadow & Iron - Games Workshop

You will be able to follow the Crusade Of Iron which followed on from the Betrayal At Calth. You'll find ways to expand on your Legions with rules for Psi-Titans, new Knight Houses and more. Of course, this then flows into the narrative missions and campaigns which Games Workshop have made a core part of the game experience.

So, if you're interested in playing out some MASSIVE games with tiny little Titans then you have some options arriving very soon.

Have you played and enjoyed the new Adeptus Titanicus?

"Have you played and enjoyed the new Adeptus Titanicus?"

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