Avenging Angels Get Ready For Gunfighter’s Ball Shootouts

April 15, 2021 by brennon

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Knuckleduster Miniatures has released two new sets of metal miniatures for their Wild West shooter, Gunfighter's Ball. The main focus of this month's releases is the Avenging Angels pack which comes with quite the motley crew.

The Avenging Angels - Knuckleduster Miniatures

The Avenging Angels // Knuckleduster Miniatures

There are six characters in the set that you could use to form your new posse. From left to right you've got the mountain man known as Liver-Eating Johnson plus the female gunslinger Diedre. Next to them, we've got the US Marshal known as Buzzard Cohorn and then the outlaw Johnny Welsh. The former slave, Daniel, then makes up the group alongside former Confederate Evans who is searching for his niece.

Get ready to hunt down some bad guys and get into some intense shootouts with these folks! I like that the majority of them are posed as if they are in the middle of a shootout although I can also acknowledge the "cool factor" in Danny being ready to draw his gun.

Inevitably, most shootouts are going to end up with dead horses. So, if your mounted characters get knocked out of the saddle you can now put some markers down to show where their steeds are.

Horse Casualties - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Horse Casualties // Knuckleduster Miniatures

Even if your horse is down you can still rush back to them to snap up the rifle you left behind! With the two releases for this month, we got a new pack of characters to have fun with plus some pieces that help to add colour and narrative for your gaming experiences. A good haul!

Are you going to be playing as the Avenging Angels?

"Even if your horse is down you can still rush back to them to snap up the rifle you left behind!"

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