Battle Systems Kickstart Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron!

March 16, 2023 by brennon

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Battle Systems has launched their Kickstarter this week for their new dungeon crawling miniatures game, Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron. Taking the trip to the realm of Fantasy after their time with Sci-Fi and Core Space, Maladum is shaping up to be another excellent addition to their game library.

Maladum - Dungeons Of Enveron Kickstarter - Battle Systems

Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron - Kickstarter // Battle Systems

In Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron, you can dive into a solo, cooperative or competitive adventure in a box set in Battle Systems' new Fantasy world. Classic heroic archetypes mix with original creations from Battle Systems to offer up an awesome adventure in a box.

Maladum is focused on telling an ongoing and epic Fantasy campaign where your heroes will venture down into the dark in search of riches, rewards and of course to help folks out along the way. Each time you delve you'll be pushing your luck as the undead Revenants are summoned around you, ready to tear you down. So, you'll want to search as many nooks and crannies in that amazing 3D dungeon terrain before you bug out and head back to the tavern!

If you're interested in learning how to play Maladum, you can check out a couple of videos we've done on the game!

How To Play Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron | Battle Systems

Let's Play: Maladum - Dungeons Of Enveron (Into The Sewers) | Battle Systems

The game features the same real search system as Core Space where you physically open treasure chests in the dungeon in search of loot. There is also a comprehensive campaign system which focuses on the choices you make and how it changes the unfolding story from adventure to adventure.

Diving Into Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron

The pledge options for Maladum come in two different flavours. You can dive into the dungeon delving game as you can see below as part of this "all-in-one" adventure. You won't need anything beyond what comes in the box to enjoy your games of Maladum.

Maladum Kickstarter Edition - Battle Systems

Maladum - Kickstarter Edition // Battle Systems

As you'll have also noted, there are plenty of Stretch Goals getting added into the mix as well which will build on your Maladum experience. There are also, of course, bonus elements that have been added to the Kickstarter Edition of Maladum to make your time with the game feel a little plush!

If you're not interested in Maladum but like the gaming terrain they have on offer, good news! You can also just pledge for the Dungeon Terrain.

Dungeon Terrain - Battle Systems

Dungeon Terrain // Battle Systems

This comes with a silly amount of modular terrain that you can use to make a mass of different dungeon environments. Much like with the pledge option for Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron, this terrain pledge comes with its own set of stretch goals that can be unlocked and added into the mix.

If the Let's Plays and the pledges have caught your eye, make sure to dive in and check out Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron on Kickstarter!

Will you be giving this a go?

"...make sure to dive in and check out Maladum: Dungeons Of Enveron on Kickstarter!"

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