Crooked Dice Preview Horror Minis Coming In January

November 23, 2022 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has been showcasing some of the new 28mm Horror/Fantasy miniatures that are going to be coming to their webstore in January 2023. See what you make of these demons and demon hunters!

Demons - Crooked Dice

Demons // Crooked Dice

This range of miniatures comes from Ian Mountain's collection of sculpts and offers up some interesting options for both classic Fantasy fights against demonic foes or perhaps something a bit more "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". I really like the jacket-wearing fellow for example in the image above. He's clearly being hunted by some tenacious fellows after the mischief he has been causing.

Demon Hunters - Crooked Dice

Demon Hunters // Crooked Dice

Talking of Demon Hunters, we do have a set of those coming to Crooked Dice too. You get a priest in the set alongside a lady who knows how to stake a vampire without breaking a sweat and a chap who knows his way around a revolver and a sword.

I really like this set. In particular, the priest with his cross held up high as if it's going to hopefully take care of the demon that has just torn its way through a portal mere moments ago.

Additional miniatures include the rather quirky Hospital Horrors. I'm not sure I want that particular surgeon working on me, or his insectoid nurse.

Hospital Horrors - Crooked Dice

Hospital Horrors // Crooked Dice

Some really fun miniatures for those wanting to come up with quirky scenarios for the likes of 7TV. I don't know why but I'm getting serious Garth Marenghi vibes from this particular set.

One of the most impressive miniatures from the coming January lineup is this fellow, the Djinn.

Djinn - Crooked Dice

Djinn // Crooked Dice

I think he looks bloomin' awesome and I could see him being used in a variety of different games. I'd like to see him in a proper sword and sorcery epic where your Conan-esque heroes are having to deal with a very irate Djinn that has been disturbed from its slumber.

Last but not least, there is also this new Fantasy hero on the way in the form of the Paladin.

Paladin - Crooked Dice

Paladin // Crooked Dice

This fellow could probably work as a Human, Half-Elf or Elf if you like in your Fantasy games. I like his classic sword design and the mighty suit of armour. Depending on how you paint this fellow, he could end up being a good guy or an evil villain!

All of these miniatures are going to be made available in January but you could also get them at Battleground this weekend. So, if you're travelling up North then you might want to head on over to the Crooked Dice stand.

Which is your favourite of these new previews?

"All of these miniatures are going to be made available in January but you could also get them at Battleground this weekend..."

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