Dunkeldorf Kickstarter Now Live At The Prancing Peacock!

June 9, 2020 by brennon

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The Dunkeldorf Miniatures collection is going to be growing this week as King Games return to Kickstarter with their new Prancing Peacock Fantasy campaign which is live right now!


The Prancing Peacock Kickstarter Now LIVE

The Kickstarter for The Prancing Peacock is now live and we've dropped in an update on the pledge, stretch goals and more below...

Prancing Peacock Miniatures Pledge - Dunkeldorf Miniatures.png

The Prancing Peacock Miniatures

Prancing Peacock Stretch Goals - Dunkeldorf Miniatures.png

The Prancing Peacock Stretch Goals

All of this is already looking awesome and the campaign has already been funded thanks to its eighty (at the time of writing) initial backers. There is a lot more to come over the next month or so as they head towards more Stretch Goals and Add-Ons. Also, here is a comparison of the miniatures against others in the world so you know what you're looking at!

Dunkeldorf Miniatures Scale Comparison - King Games.png

Dunkeldorf Miniatures Scale Comparison

Make sure to check out the miniatures in more detail over on their Kickstarter (linked above). I am certainly loving the way the miniatures have come out!

Dunkeldorf Miniatures: Previous Campaigns & Previews

King Games have done some sterling stuff in the past with their previous campaign producing a range of new characters for you to use in your Fantasy roleplaying games. Their collection of grimdark miniatures are perfect for those playing stories like Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play but of course, they'd be good in plenty of other games too.

The focus of their new campaign is to produce more townsfolk and tavern-going fellows as well as accessories, miniatures, furniture and more. As you can see, they have done a sterling job on these miniatures already, shown having a rousing good time at The Prancing Peacock.

Prancing Peacock Kickstarter #2 - Dunkeldorf Miniatures.jpg

The Prancing Peacock Townsfolk

These folks put a lot of care and attention into their miniatures and I've had a look at their collection myself. You can see some of the painted miniatures HERE as part of a project I put together last time King Games were on Kickstarter. They turned out really well and were a lot of fun to paint.

Prancing Peacock Kickstarter #3 - Dunkeldorf Miniatures.jpg

The Prancing Peacock Tavern-goers

I am fairly sure that they are going to knock it out of the park for this project as well. They have already managed to impress me with the previews and I can't wait to see what they unlock as part of the project proper.

What do you make of these miniatures from The Prancing Peacock?

"They have already managed to impress me with the previews..."

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