Snap Up Gloriously Twisted Deadchurch Minis On Kickstarter

November 21, 2022 by brennon

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A new range of miniatures sculpted by Andrew May and then produced by Tom Pedley and Martyn Dorey (based on the artwork by David Clifford) are now available for you to snap up. Delve into the twisted town of Deadchurch and see what you make of the denizens who aren't quite right.

Deadchurch Townsfolk - Deadchurch Miniatures

Deadchurch Townsfolk Kickstarter // Deadchurch

All of the miniatures are available in 28mm resin and would be a shoo-in for games like Forbidden Psalms and the MORK BORG roleplaying game. They are broken down into two sets but of course, you could snap up all of them if you so desired.

First up, we have the Town Guard although I would imagine that the living town guard have something to say about that.

The Town Guard - Deadchurch Miniatures

The Town Guard // Deadchurch

The set features (from left to right) The Watchman, The Town Crier, The Executioner, The Rat Bishop and The Hanged Man. I particularly like the Rat Bishop, giving his sermons to those that eat the dead before they get a chance to visit the afterlife. The Executioner also has a grim little smile on him.

You can also pick up The Town Square set...

The Town Square - Deadchurch Miniatures

The Town Square // Deadchurch

This set comes with (from left to right) The Alchemist, The Butcher, The Midwife, The Blacksmith and The Witch. The Alchemist is terrifying and the creature it's holding reminds me of a certain quest in The Witcher. The Midwife is also an utterly horrific (in the best way...I guess?) miniature that could be the centre of people's nightmares for a good while.

These example miniatures have been painted by the talented hand of Steve Rowlinson and would be great for a variety of those small, grimdark skirmish games out there.

The fiendish Witchhunter has also been added into the mix recently as a Stretch Goal.

The Witchfinder - Deadchurch Miniatures

The Witchfinder // Deadchurch

Zom Quixote And Pancho will be coming to town if the team can get their hands on a few more backers before the end of the campaign. I think this is a great set of miniatures that tick a lot of boxes and show off that there is much more to the undead than simply shuffling zombies.

Make sure to go and give the Kickstarter a look and maybe drop a pledge!

"I think this is a great set of miniatures that tick a lot of boxes and show off that there is much more to the undead than simply shuffling zombies..."

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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