Luella & Jeen Warband Pre-Orders Live From Steamforged Games

August 19, 2020 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has now set up pre-orders for two new warbands from Godtear. You can now snap up both Luella, The Raging Storm and Jeen, The Wandering Warrior ahead of their release in late September.

Luella The Raging Storm - Godtear

Luella, The Raging Storm // Godtear

If you're looking to introduce a serious shieldmaiden-esque style to your games of Godtear then Luella seems like a great set to consider using in Godtear. Here is some of the background on her as a character...

"Like a mighty storm, Luella engulfs her enemies in a whirlwind of flashing steel and thunderous fury. Take cover, for she and her Shieldmaidens charge into battle without a backward glance."

Her set comes with Luella, three Shieldmaidens, her banner and then, of course, the profile cards that you need for gameplay. There are some serious Lagertha vibes in this set which no doubt will make many people take notice. Plus, these are Dwarves...and who can say no to Dwarves?

Wandering Goblin Warriors

As well as Luella, you'll also be able to pick up Jeen, The Wandering Warrior.

Jeen The Wandering Warrior - Godtear

Jeen, The Wandering Warrior // Godtear

It was very cool to see Steamforged play with the idea of greenskins in a different way and make them into deadly samurai rather than your traditional motley crew of miscreants. It's a good look and their point ears and faces work really well with the angular armour of the samurai which is cool.

"A mercenary with a soft spot for the downtrodden, Jeen wanders in search of wrongs to right and worthy adversaries to challenge. She leads the Golden Shrikes, a swarm of disciplined soldiers who dutifully cut down enemies in a flash of cold steel."

This set gets you Jeen who is looking rather awesome who is then flanked by four Golden Shrikes. This is on top of her banner and the profile cards that you find in all of the sets for Godtear.

There are going to be some interesting new tactics in-play for Godtear when these heroes hit the field. You'll now have ways to bring together new combinations of abilities in order to dominate the battlefield and claim those precious godtears for yourself.

Are you tempted by either of these two warbands?

"It was very cool to see Steamforged play with the idea of greenskins in a different way..."

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