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Community Spotlight: Myconid Mysteries, Godtear Warbands & WW2 Winter Germans


We dive into an awesome diorama project, some immense painting on the characters of Godtear and an ace set of Winter Germans for World War II wargaming.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Grimdark Glory Days – Was Classic Warhammer 40K Really Better?


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's episode, the guys have been playing a lot of games and painting a lot of miniatures. It's almost like we're proper wargamers. We also get drawn into a discussion on which edition of Warhammer 40,000 Shay and John should be playing!

Fenra Gets Unleashed On Steamforged’s Godtear Soon


Godtear from Steamforged Games expands with another Champion set. This time around we're going to be howling as we storm into battle behind the mighty Fenra and her companions. 

Lily Champion Expansion Now Available For Steamforged’s Godtear


The new Champion Expansion for Steamforged Games' Godtear is now available. You can snap up Lily and her Thornlings and use them to dominate the battlefield in their Fantasy miniatures game.

GT EP82: Heroes, Cyberpunk & Blotz


Devious Fae & Woodland Allies Scheme In Lily Godtear Expansion


A brand new expansion set has been announced for Steamforged Games' Godtear. With pre-orders live for the fae being, Lily and her prickly woodland allies.

Tinker & Brew With Jaak’s Champion Expansion For Godtear


Steamforged Games has put together a new Champion Expansion for their Fantasy game, Godtear. This first set is for Jaak, The Dubious Alchemist and The Cauldron Cronies!

EP71 Video Edition: Drop, Dungeons & Conquest


Skullbreaker Hunts Dragons In Steamforged’s Godtear Soon


A brand new expansion set is coming to Steamforged Games' Godtear soon. Pre-orders are now available for Skullbreaker, The Dragon Slayer!

Meet The Mighty Centaur, Kailinn, For Steamforged’s Godtear


Another impressive set of miniatures is landing for the Fantasy game, Godtear, from the folks at Steamforged Games. They are introducing a new Champion Expansion in the form of Kailinn who is fast and incredibly furious.

Styx, Lord Of Hounds Coming To Godtear In August 2021


Godtear, Steamforged Games' Fantasy board game of mighty warriors and the followers, is getting a new Shaper later this year in August. Styx, Lord Of Hounds is dragging himself from the abyss alongside an interesting supporting line-up.

Pre-Order Helena & Her Rallied Peasants For Godtear!


Helena, Inspiration Of Hope is a new Guardian option for you to choose when diving into this strategic tabletop game.

Maxen & The Gearhawks Come To Steamforged’s Godtear


Steamforged Games has been previewing a new Slayer Champion for use in their Fantasy game, Godtear.

Luella & Jeen Warband Pre-Orders Live From Steamforged Games


Steamforged Games has now set up pre-orders for two new warbands from Godtear.

Steamforged Unleashing Keera & Her Dragons On Godtear Soon


Steamforged Games has shown off the renders for a new champion coming to the world of Godtear in August. Here we have Keera, The Dragon Princess & Young Dragons who are at her command. 

Steamforged Games Tease Two New Godtear Heroes Coming Soon


Steamforged Games has been showing off two more heroes and the companions which will be coming to the world of Godtear in the future.

Community Spotlight: Mighty Heroes, Spoilerific Dungeon Delvers & A Dark Warrior


Come and join us for another look at the good stuff you're doing in the community as we begin our spotlight for 2020! Gloomhaven Spoilers within (beware, I did tell you!)

Weekender: Star Wars Skirmish Rules & Latest Batman Miniatures


We're exploring more awesomeness from the tabletop world including a sexy young Viking that Lloyd might want to take home with him!

Godtear’s Champions Hit The Tabletop From Steamforged Games


Godtear from Steamforged Games is now up on their webstore for you to pre-order ahead of the release on 6th December.

Steamforged Games Talk About The Future Of Godtear


Steamforged Games has been getting back to delivering updates about the future of their Godtear project.

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