Styx, Lord Of Hounds Coming To Godtear In August 2021

May 10, 2021 by brennon

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Godtear, Steamforged Games' Fantasy board game of mighty warriors and the followers, is getting a new Shaper later this year in August. Styx, Lord Of Hounds is dragging himself from the abyss alongside an interesting supporting line-up.

Styx Lord of Hounds - Godtear

Styx, Lord Of Hounds // Godtear

This expansion comes with another of the highly detailed plastic figures which you can play with straight ou of the box. At the core of the set is Styx himself, a faceless figure in twisted armour. He is also followed by his Abyssal Hounds who are eager to do his bidding. He even has a three-headed puppy banner to continue the theme.

Styx - Godtear

Styx // Godtear

Styx is very much about mastering the battlefield and bending the rules. He can draw enemies towards him and weaken their defences so his hounds can have fun. Send in Styx to weave his web of destruction and the hounds can then get stuck in and tear down your opponents banner.

The expansion contains highly detailed, pre-assembled miniatures that can be painted or played out-of-the-box. Styx himself is a faceless figure in macabre armour. He is accompanied by two Abyssal Hound followers and a three-headed puppy banner, sculpted by Steamforged Games’ Lead Sculptor Russ Charles (creator of Animal Adventures, Tales of Dungeons and Doggies).

Styx Cards - Godtear

Styx Cards // Godtear

The set comes with the miniatures you need to play and all of the cards that go alongside them. So, you can crack open this box and immediately start plotting exactly who you're going to match Styx with in order to get one over on your friends at the tabletop.

A cool new set of miniatures for a fun and tactical miniatures game!

"A cool new set of miniatures for a fun and tactical miniatures game!"

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