Devious Fae & Woodland Allies Scheme In Lily Godtear Expansion

June 22, 2022 by fcostin

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A brand new expansion set has been announced for Steamforged Games' Godtear. With pre-orders live on the website for fae being, Lily and her prickly woodland allies in the Lily Champion Expansion.

LIly Champion Expansion - Godtear

Lily Champion Expansion // Godtear

Alongside previews of the whimsical miniatures; fairy wings, butterflies and all! Steamforged has also provided some narrative to introduce the wild and naturalistic character, Lily, Thornsinger of the Azure Forest with leshy-like henchmen in tow:

"Older than the woods she wanders, nothing escapes Lily’s notice, even the tiniest sapling. In her wake, she leaves a trail of crystalline fairy dust that empowers her allies and ensnares her foes. Around her, an overgrowth of Thornlings sink their roots, ready to confront anyone foolish enough to trespass in their forest home." - Steamforged Games

Lily - Godtear

Lily, Thornsinger of the Azure Forest // Godtear

Looking for something more whimsical than a badger on a broomstick for your Warband, the fae delivers. Lily keeps a safe distance on the battefield, shrouded in her beefy Thornlings to keep her protected whilst she is taking a stance from a distance, providing a wealth of support for her allies, darting across the table leaving allies goodies in their favour, and tricks and traps for those who dare cross her devious antics.

Although you may want to enlist this woodland Warband for your adventures into Godtear, these models would be fantastic to implement into many other tabletop titles. These characters would fit seamlessly into the Wild Beyond Witchlight D&D campaign too, causing chaos with a mere sprinkle of Fairy Dust!

Did you spot the squirrel? 

"Shrouded in her beefy Thornlings to keep her protected whilst she is taking a stance from a distance..."

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