Drink Up With Mirliton’s Brewer Monks On Kickstarter

March 28, 2022 by brennon

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Mirliton is on Kickstarter right now with something a bit different. No, there aren't any warriors here! Instead, we have a set of Brewer Monks in 28mm that could be used for your Historical wargames and diorama builds.

Brewer Monks - Mirliton

Brewer Monks Kickstarter // Mirliton

This new set of miniatures has been sculpted digitally via a collaboration with Crosslances Studio but the final product will be made available in white metal. Each miniature has been researched and designed based on looking back through a variety of resources. The main thing with the range was to make a set of characterful models so the faces of these miniatures should all feel individual!

Each of the miniature sets are being made available alongside a set of resin and metal terrain that can be used to make the different scenes that you see below.

Brewing Monks - Mirliton

Brewing Monks // Mirliton

You can set up a scene of these Monks having a nice time of it down at the brewery! This seems like a timely moment for this set of miniatures to pop up as I've recently played a brewing board game called Heaven & Ale. That was all about beer crafting Monks!

There is also a pledge level that introduces a set of Monks inside a scriptorium setting. This just goes to show that it isn't all fun and games with these faithful fellows.

Studying Monks - Mirliton

Studying Monks // Mirliton

You can get a look at more of the options from this campaign on the links above. It might not be a set of warrior monks battling on the battlefield, but it's a great set of miniatures that can be used to set up a nice diorama. Sometimes, a hobby project like this can well be a good palette cleanser.

You could also use them as a band of drunken Monks that you need to protect from a raid if you need to get some wargaming into the equation!

What do you make of this new set of Monks?

"Sometimes, a hobby project like this can well be a good palette cleanser..."

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