Modiphius Offer Up A 3D Printable Tank For Fallout Fans

May 5, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius has added another 3D Printable STL File into the mix for those playing games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Here we have a US Army Tank which has certainly seen better days.

Tank STL #1 - Modiphius

This is a big old tank which has been fitted with all manner of different bits and bobs to make it ready for the battlefield once again. It could either be used as something in-game, a vehicle you could use, or perhaps even a relic of the old days. I love the idea of covering this in rust and maybe smashing it up a bit!

Tank STL #2 - Modiphius

This could also be repurposed for other games as well. Since it is effectively just a big Sci-Fi tank, you could use it for something a bit Weird World War or perhaps Near Future. I guess it would very much depend on how you approached painting the model.

If you're a 3D printing fan then maybe dive in and check out this selection of options from Modiphius and give them a go at home.

What do you think of this big ol' tank?

"This could also be repurposed for other games as well..."

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