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April 3, 2023 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures have headed down into the deep once again for April with the continued growth of their Fishmen Horde! Some more mighty warriors and characters are in the mix to help with commanding your underwater domain.

The Fishmen Horde Part 2 - Warp Miniatures

The Fishmen Horde - Part 2 // Warp Miniatures

The new set of miniatures from Warp are available for you to get your hands on right now and are as colourful and quirky as you have come to expect from this team. Leading the way is the new Mermaid who looks like she is ready to sink a few ships.

Mermaid - Warp Miniatures

Mermaid // Warp Miniatures

You could imagine her sitting on the rocks, luring sailors to their doom. I get the sense that she is a woman scorned but alternative painting could end up producing some different takes on the character. I quite like the idea of her rising out of the inky blackness and turning into something terrible and elemental.

As well as the deadly Mermaid, you can also call on the mighty power of this Crabman who comes fully armoured!

Crabman - Warp Miniatures

Crabman // Warp Miniatures

Armed with a good pair of snippers, they are going to be deadly when chopping up interlopers to your underwater realm. Last but not least, you've also got possibly the best set of miniatures from the collection, the Mantis Shrimp Cavalry!

Mantis Shrimp Cavalry - Warp Miniatures

Mantis Shrimp Cavalry // Warp Miniatures

These colourful killers can deliver some pretty good punches when they zoom into combat and the little fellows on the top will be there to finish off those that are reeling from the charge. This is another inventive set of miniatures from the folks at Warp Miniatures. Something that should make for some interesting new Fantasy warbands in a variety of different games.

Will you be picking these up and getting them printed off?

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