Plastic Dark Age Welsh & Picts Now Available From Gripping Beast

March 9, 2022 by brennon

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Gripping Beast's new plastic kits for the Dark Age Welsh and Picts are now available to snap up from their webstore. You can use these to bolter your warbands and armies in Historical wargames like SAGA and Swordpoint.

Dark Age Welsh Front - Gripping Beast

Dark Age Welsh // Gripping Beast

The Welsh set comes with twenty-five plastic miniatures for you to use in your wargames. There is a good mix of weapon options and such in here allowing you to do some customised warbands for the tabletop.

Dark Age Welsh Rear - Gripping Beast

With there being twenty-five of them in the set, that allows you to make the majority of a warband in most smaller-scale games. Add a few metal miniatures into the mix and you'd be away! As Gerry mentioned when we covered these in the Weekender, the core of the plastic kit remains the same between the two but with a few additional options to theme them towards the Welsh of Picts.

Dark Age Picts Front - Gripping Beast

Dark Age Picts // Gripping Beast

Both of these plastic kits cover a pretty hefty period of history. They work, obviously, for Dark Age armies but they would be equally as good when used during the early portion of the Middle Ages too.

Dark Age Picts Rear - Gripping Beast

This makes these handy kits for anyone to have in their collection. Because of the modular nature of the kits, they should also be quite nice to mix in with other plastic kits from the Gripping Beast range too.

These kits aren't quite as detailed as some of those out there from the likes of Victrix or Wargames Atlantic but they do give you a big host of miniatures for pretty cheap. So, if you're seeking to build big armies then these are a tasty option.

This now means that the plastic collection by Gripping Beast now contains all manner of units from Europe and even the Middle East. The Dark Age is well catered for but you've also got kits in there for those playing as the Romans too!

Are you going to be picking these kits up for use in your Historical wargames?

"...they would be equally as good when used during the early portion of the Middle Ages too"

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