Raging Heroes Go On Steampunk Adventures This June!

May 30, 2022 by brennon

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Raging Heroes has previewed their newest set of releases for Heroes Infinite that are landing in June. This time around we're getting to dive into some Steampunk adventures with The Mechanium.

Steampunk Adventures Of The Mechnium // Raging Heroes

This set has been designed for those who love their Steampunk and want to put together some interesting armies. You could use these for a game that's more Fantasy based but they would also work for a variety of more "punk" games as well.

Marquita Mendoza - Raging Heroes

Marquita Mendoza // Raging Heroes

There are some fun characters to choose from within the set like Marquita Mendoza above but also Amelia, Balthazar and Astrid that you would have spied in the trailer. If you're looking to make them heroes for roleplaying games then you're sorted in that regard.

The core of your force is also catered for with the addition of miniatures like the Mechanical Autowarriors...

Mechanical Autowarriors - Raging Heroes

Mechanical Autowarriors // Raging Heroes

...and the flying Vultures. The miniatures could be painted up in a variety of different ways to suit the setting that you're diving into.

Vultures - Raging Heroes

Vultures // Raging Heroes

You could go grimdark and oily with the look or ancient and ravaged. You could also go to the other end of the spectrum and paint them up in gleaming colours and such to make them look like the guardians of some amazing Sci-Fi world of the near-future (or near-past if you prefer!).

More information is going to be coming up for this Raging Heroes release so watch this space. You're going to have plenty more to choose from, all of which can be 3D Printed at home.

Are you going to be diving in and checking this out?

"You're going to have plenty more to choose from, all of which can be 3D Printed at home..."

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