Ravenfeast Myth & Magic Supplement Available For Download

December 29, 2020 by brennon

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In a Weekender episode in early December, we talked about a free Viking wargame from the folks at Little Wars TV. Ravenfeast seems like a great way to dive in and start wargaming a historical period and it's now got a Myth & Magic supplement for those that want a taste of the Norse Sagas!

Ravenfeast Myth & Magic - Little Wars TV

Ravenfeast Myth & Magic // Little Wars TV

Download Ravenfeast & Supplements Here

Much like with the core Ravenfeast rules, the options presented as part of Myth & Magic are FREE to download and get stuck into. Again, much like with the core rules, the amount of reading you need to do isn't going to make you weep either as the rules fit into a four-page PDF.

Ravenfeast Myth & Magic Interior - Little Wars TV

Ravenfeast Myth & Magic // Little Wars TV

The additions to Ravenfeast aren't so much that they're going to overwhelm you but they do offer up an interesting peek into Norse Mythology and look to tackle the subject by weaving it in and amongst your regular games. These rules are more about sprinkling a little bit of magic onto proceedings as opposed to turning everyone into Aesir and Vanir battling for control of the battlefield.

To this end, you can either decide to add a Magical character into your warband who has access to spells or perhaps a hero with an Enchanted Item. In most cases, the spells aren't going to utterly tear a hole in reality but they do offer small buffs and debuffs for units on the tabletop. The Enchanted Items have much the same effect but they can be taken (looted!) from the dead if you are able to bring low heroes in the midst of battle.

As well as those rules you'll also find a selection of options for adding Norse Monsters into your games. They have designed rules for a Dragon, Frost Giant, Troll, Draugr and also ravening Wolves. There's no reason why you couldn't use these as a template for some of your own monsters too.

Finally, you've also got a really fun looking scenario called Hunt The Beast where you and your cousin have landed on the shores of a mysterious island to hunt a dragon. You can work together to bring it down but only the warlord with the most Geld at the end of the game who gets back to their longship can be crowned the victor. Time for some backstabbing!

Are you going to be giving these Fantasy elements a go in your games of Ravenfeast?

"They have designed rules for a Dragon, Frost Giant, Troll, Draugr and also ravening Wolves..."

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