Spellcrow Sculpt A Stunning Forest Dragon For Argatoria

July 31, 2023 by brennon

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The folks at Spellcrow have expanded their range of 10mm scale Fantasy miniatures for their wargame, Argatoria, with some excellent new miniatures. The best of the new releases is the Forest Dragon which looks stunning!

Forest Dragon - Spellcrow

Forest Dragon // Spellcrow

I am a big fan of dragons and it's always awesome seeing different interpretations of them in smaller scales. This particular dragon reminds me a lot of the one from The Legend Of Dragoon that you see early in the game which hits another nostalgia note for me.

I love the scale work, the four limbs (always a plus) and the outstretched wings. There's so much detail worked into the face as well as it roars, ready to smash your enemies to pieces. This particular miniature is a good option for the Gaeldor army in Argatoria and was sculpted by Mate Voros and Piotr Pirianowicz based on the design by Tommaso Lucchetti.

If you're a fan of the armies of Sheol-morg then you also have some options for you to consider. For example, you might like the Dark Fauns.

Dark Fauns - Spellcrow

Dark Fauns // Spellcrow

The Dark Fauns are your classic (but pretty massive!) beastman types. They are, again, packed with detail and I love the work that has gone into the swords and their various accessories. I also really like the work on the musculature which immediately gives the impression of their strength and power.

You might also want to get a little bit more evil and snap up some Hybrids!

Hybrids - Spellcrow

Hybrids // Spellcrow

These look like twisted and terrible chaotic creations, covered in horns, skulls and barbs. They are equally bullish but in a different way, definitely putting a unique spin on the world that Spellcrow has created. I wouldn't want to bully them about their tiny heads that's for sure.

Will you be taking a look at these new resin releases for the 10mm wargame, Argatoria?

"There's so much detail worked into the face as well as it roars, ready to smash your enemies to pieces..."

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