Squat Prospectors & Ridgehauler Raids Coming To Necromunda

June 13, 2022 by brennon

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The time has finally come! A proper host of Squats are going to be returning to tabletops from Games Workshop for Necromunda. No longer relegated to dramatis personae from Forge World, the Squats are getting ready to own the Outlands.

Book Of The Outlands - Necromunda

Book Of The Outlands // Necromunda

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Rules for the Ash Wastes Nomads and Ironhead Squat Prospectors are included as part of this book. You will also find a few new extra rules and mechanics for playing out in the baking sun rather than the shadowy chill of the Underhive. Think of this as your "Codex" for those who are looking to expand their forces for the Ash Wastes Nomads and those starting out with the Squats.

That also means a brand new plastic kit for Necromunda. The set comes with eight miniatures for making a gang of Squat prospectors, armed with all manner of interesting weapons crafted by their race.

Ironhead Squat Prospectors - Necromunda NEW

Ironhead Squat Prospectors // Necromunda

Not only is this great for those wanting to dive into Necromunda, this also provides the first opportunity for Warhammer 40,000 fans to get their hands on some Squats that could end up as part of a Leagues Of Votann army. It's not known yet if these miniatures will have rules for Warhammer 40,000 but I can see a lot of folks picking them up anyway if only to use the myriad of bits that come in the set.

I think the models are looking great and it's neat to see a lot of that classic Squat aesthetic coming through alongside modern design ideas. It will be interesting to see folks take different approaches to painting them although I have become quite fond of those bright yellow helmets!

The Ridgehauler Rumbles In

One vehicle that these Squats might be looking to bring down is the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler that is going to be coming up for pre-order this weekend.

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler - Necromunda

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler // Necromunda

Whether you're trying to shuttle cargo across the Outlands or you see this as the ultimate prize in a raid, I can see a lot of folks having fun with this kit. If nothing else, Ork players in Warhammer 40,000 are going to be going wild over this as an option for kitbashing.

It seems like you are also going to be getting a separate Gunner Frame to use alongside the Ridgehauler.

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Gunner - Necromunda

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Gunner Sprue // Necromunda

This gives you four Heavy Stubbers that can be mounted onto the Ridgehauler itself or used alongside the Trailer (see below) to offer up more protection. When annoying Ash Wastes Nomads are abroad, it makes sense to have plenty of guns to blast them and their bugs away.

Here is the Trailer that you'll be using to haul goods across the Outlands. Again, another awesome kit that might be great for terrain creators if not used as an in-game asset.

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Trailer - Necromunda

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Trailer // Necromunda

I suppose this also has the added benefit of being a massive piece of metal. I doubt that many are going to survive being smashed into by this as it rumbles across the desert. I am very eager to start seeing battle reports using this vehicle. Proper "train robbery" style affairs!

New Special Characters

Both the Orlocks and the Ash Wastes Nomads are also going to be getting themselves some special characters this weekend as well. The Orlocks get the well-known hellion that is Vespa "Minx" Merdena.

Vespa Minx Merdena - Necromunda

Vespa "Minx" Merdena // Necromunda

She comes armed with an impressively large rocket launcher that is no doubt going to cause problems for drivers of vehicles like the Ridgehauler. It should probably turn Helamites into a paste as well!

Using their strange psychic powers, the Wy'tari Stormcaller might be able to turn the tide for the Ash Wastes Nomads.

Wy tari Stormcaller - Necromunda

Wy'tari Stormcaller // Necromunda

It's a little hard to keep track of your enemies when they are rushing through a swirling dust cloud and striking from seemingly everywhere at once! A rather awesome miniature for a faction that I think has had quite the glow-up since the old days. I wonder how well they would fare inside the confines of the Underhive?

Are you going to be snapping up any of these new Necromunda pre-orders this weekend?

"The set comes with eight miniatures for making a gang of Squat prospectors..."

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