Thieves And The Rashaar Skulk Through The Streets Of Carnevale

June 27, 2023 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off some more gangs and gaggles of creatures that will be skulking around the streets of Carnevale. Two new sets of 32mm miniatures are on the way for the Guild Thieves and the terrible Rashaar.

Thieves - Carnevale

Thieves // Carnevale

No one should underestimate the lowliest members of society. The Guild certainly doesn't and so uses the various thieves and pickpockets of the streets to bring down their enemies. Leading the way is the Thief themselves, showcasing how much they love Assassin's Creed. A great miniature that speaks to the dynamism of Carnevale as a game with all of its dextrous acrobatics.

As well as the Thief, you've also got the sneaky Poachers who simply blend into the surroundings and the Beggers who make sure that everyone has just the right information they need in order to take down their targets. Ignore them at your peril as you're most likely to get mugged or worse if you find yourself walking down a dark alley.

From The Depths

As well as the Thieves of the Guild, you can also call on the terrible creatures of the Rashaar. The Bestial Evolution set features some terrible creations.

Bestial Evolution - Carnevale

Bestial Evolution // Carnevale

Sometimes there is little need for tactics. Sometimes you just need to unleash the most feral creations in your collection and see what havoc they can cause. For example, you could use the Caandru Eel which can leap from the water and drag you back into the depths. You also have the Brachyura which uses its tough shell in order to resist all but the heaviest of attacks.

There is also the terrifying Salaacia which can drown its foes even on land and the Bounding Telcine which makes mincemeat of difficult terrain and is a perfect creature for getting to objectives quickly.

All of the miniatures from both of these sets are crafted in resin and provide you with some excellent new miniatures for expanding warbands in Carnevale.

A Penny For The Wishing Well...

As well as the two sets of miniatures above, there is also this set of terrain which adds to games of Carnevale. The Rashaar can come from anywhere where water sits and these Wells could provide them with ingress into even the most tightly guarded of courtyards.

Rashaar Well - Carnevale

Rashaar Well // Carnevale

Imagine the scenario. The Rashaar has been tasked with infiltrating the manor of an elite Guild family. The normal routes are out of bounds but within the property are sewers and wells which the Rashaar are attempting to spring from.

With that in mind, the Rashaar player has to spring from the wells and make their way inside the manor to kill their target. The Guild has to rush down from the posts and secure the wells, lifting those heavy grates into position before the Rashaar overwhelms them. I think it would make for quite a frantic encounter!

A Global Carnevale Campaign

With all of this good news for Carnevale, it's neat to know that there is more waiting in the wings. Over on the Carnevale Facebook Group, they have been discussing an upcoming global campaign.

The Unseen Hand Campaign - Carnevale

The Unseen Hand Campaign // Carnevale

The community are running the story of The Unseen Hand with sign-ups being available from Friday 30th June. This sounds like it could well be a lot of fun and something to suggest to your local gaming club perhaps.

Will you be diving into more Carnevale over the Summer?

"Two new sets of 32mm miniatures are on the way for the Guild Thieves and the terrible Rashaar..."

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