Wargames Atlantic Talk First Wargame & Digital Miniatures!

November 4, 2022 by brennon

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Wargames Atlantic has been previewing some very interesting nuggets of information this week! We start with the news that they've got their first wargame on the way alongside the folks from Zombiesmith.

Quar Preview - Wargames Atlantic

Quar Preview // Wargames Atlantic

Wargames Atlantic and Zombiesmith are going to be expanding the world of the Quar. This is a world that we've looked at in the past from Zombiesmith as part of an Indie Of The Week. Some rather funny folk get stuck into some rather bloody and brutal wars. It isn't all as cute as you'd think!

The first release is going to be a boxed game that comes with a full rulebook for The Quar Wars alongside units of both Crusaders and Croftyrans You can already get your hands on a bunch of Quar miniatures over on the Zombiesmith Webstore but now you'll have the bonus of fun plastic kits to play around with.

You can learn about Quar HERE and have a peek at what else is worth peeking at in this world!

Wargames Atlantic & 3D Printing

As well as working on new plastic kits, the folks at Wargames Atlantic have also been working alongside folks to provide people with STL Files that you can print off at home. A few previews have already popped up including some rather ace Halfling Knights.

Halfling Knights - Wargames Atlantic

Halfling Knights // Wargames Atlantic

Work has been happening behind the scenes and there are going to be a bunch of products coming out month after month on top of what they're working on in the physical realm. It makes sense for them to be offering up different elements like this; if only to get some extra funds in the bank to work on more plastic kits!

Necromancer - Wargames Atlantic

Necromancer // Wargames Atlantic

As well as a bunch of Fantasy offerings like the Halfling Knights and Necromancer above, the folks at Wargames Atlantic have also been showing off some Historical options too.

Irish Chieftain - Wargames Atlantic

Irish Chieftain // Wargames Atlantic

There will be a bunch of options coming out each month covering their eleven different model ranges. So, you'll find some great options here that could be used to supplement the plastic ranges they already create. Want some leader figures for your World War I infantry? Maybe Wargames Atlantic can accommodate!

Things are looking great for Wargames Atlantic and it will be fun to see what they do next...

"There will be a bunch of options coming out each month covering their eleven different model ranges..."

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