Weird Creatures & Brutal Leaders Join Necromunda’s Gang Wars

December 28, 2022 by brennon

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A range of pre-orders popped up from Games Workshop for the world of Necromunda over the past week. A few new interesting characters and creepy creatures will be heading into the Underhive this weekend plus we got a look at another epic character for the Goliaths.

Brute Handler & Chem Dealer - Necromunda

Brute Handler & Chem Dealer // Necromunda

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Leading the way were some of the new characters available over on the Forge World webstore. You can call on the Brute Handler to look after some of the bigger bruisers in your gang. Give them proper training and make sure that they turn all of that brute strength into something tactically viable.

There is also the option to run with the Chem Dealer who gets you access to some very funky chems from the black market. Maybe you could combine him with the Brute Handler and do some "boosting". I'm sure it can't go too badly, right?

If you're interested in something a bit weird then how about the Outland Beastmaster With Ripperjacks?

Outland Beastmaster With Ripperjacks - Necromunda

Outland Beastmaster With Ripperjacks // Necromunda

Yes, that is a very brave fellow who has managed to get their hands on some utterly terrifying "pets". As a hired gun in the world of Necromunda, this fellow can be persuaded to send those Ripperjacks flying at your foes as long as you have the appropriate amount of credits. I wonder if he is covered in armour, bones and such because he has been bitten a far few too many times? Those miniatures are utterly mad and I absolutely love them.

Self Made Warlord

If you're looking to lead your Goliaths into the heart of the fighting then you can't go too far wrong when calling on the aid of Ajex Gorgoth.

Ajex Gorgoth - Necromunda

Ajex Gorgoth // Necromunda

Gorgoth has fought his way up from the very bottom. Known as the Lord Of The Fist, he isn't afraid to make a bit of noise in the Underhive. He is one of the Natborn and shows more intelligence than most of his kin. He has also learned to craft his own weapons and armour and that's what he uses when he heads into battle. He is clad in his own "power armour" and any wounds have been replaced by bionics.

Ajex Gorgoth Details - Necromunda

Ajex Gorgoth - Details // Necromunda

He even replaced his nose when it was bitten off during a fight. Pretty badass. He rocks up to the fighting with his seriously brutal servo claw and rumbling chain blade. He isn't particularly fast (who would have guessed) but he makes up for it by being very, very hard to budge. He is going to be relentlessly pushing forward, murdering everyone in his way.

Cawdor Upgrades

Finally, there is also a new set of resin bitz being made available for those who want to build on the options for their House Cawdor forces on the tabletop.

House Cawdor Accessories - Necromunda

House Cawdor Accessories // Necromunda

You get a new set of heads which can be added to your plastic miniatures alongside backpacks complete with quirky weapons, accessories, explosives and more. One of the packs even comes with a little bomb rat that is gnawing its way free. I'm sure that will end well. Oh, and check out those haphazard grenades!

What do you make of these new Necromunda offerings?

"If you're interested in something a bit weird then how about the Outland Beastmaster With Ripperjacks?"

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