It’s A Horror Sequel! Don’t Look Back Gets New Revised Edition

March 13, 2023 by brennon

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Black Site Studios have a fun surprise for folks who like Don't Look Back, their awesome Horror skirmish game. A new revised and updated edition of this cooperative survival miniatures game is going to be coming up for pre-order soon!

Dont Look Back - Black Site Studio NEW 23

Don't Look Back // Black Site Studios

Don't Look Back is pretty awesome in that it represents all that was awesome about those old Horror movies from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. You and your friends work together to try and solve a mystery, and more often than not see if you can survive being hunted down by a deadly killer!

The killer (think Ghostface, Jason or Michael Myers) is driven by an inbuilt game AI and so you and your friends are working against the game rather than against each other or one single "foe" controlling all the enemies. It's a really fun experience on the tabletop that can be played out on small boards packed with terrain and fun elements to interact with.

Dont Look Back Slipcase - Black Site Studio NEW 23

Don't Look Back - Slipcase // Black Site Studios

The new book will compile all of the previous expansion booklets and the core rules into a new hardback edition of the game. It features updated and revised rules that have been tweaked for clarity of play and for the first time, now includes a LOT more lore for the Horror background of this game and the town of Northwood where all the blood business happens!

There will be new miniatures coming out alongside the new book including some new core heroes (Mia and Keen) that join a burgeoning cast of characters.

Hero Miniatures - Dont Look Back 23

Hero Miniatures // Don't Look Back

They are much more detailed than previous releases although with plenty of the same charm that made the game exciting to dive into in the first place. You'll also find new rules for Companions and Vehicles in the book plus ways to clarify how the Killer works.

Mutant Ethan De Graw - Dont Look Back

Mutant Ethan De'Graw // Don't Look Back

As well as some new foes for you to face, Don't Look Back isn't afraid of tackling the sequel with some returning foes who are on the hunt for those that survived last time! See if you can survive against the deadly Boxcar Willy as he swings his chainsaw around once again.

Boxcar Willy - Don't Look BAck

Boxcar Willy // Don't Look Back

Terrain is also coming to the game with new kits being made available for folks to snap up. The Rangers Station seems like the perfect place to rush to in search of aid...

Ranger Station Terrain - Black Site Studios

Ranger Station Terrain // Black Site Studios

...only for you to find out that the phone lines have been cut and the local Ranger has already been taken by whatever horror lurks out in the woods! It sounds like things are going to be a lot of fun as we get a chance to dive back into this refined version of Don't Look Back. More unique miniatures games like this are needed!

If you're interested in finding out more, you can check out the latest video from Black Site where they discussed their plans.

The Team Tackles A Sequel // Don't Look Back

Pre-orders are going live for Don't Look Back on 21st March and the hope is that Black Site are going to be able to get this new version of the game into the hands of tabletop gamers by Halloween!

Will you be giving Don't Look Back a go?

"The new book will compile all of the previous expansion booklets and the core rules into a new hardback edition of the game..."

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