3D Print The Great Wraith-Shard With OnePageRules This Month

December 16, 2021 by brennon

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OnePageRules has expanded its collection of 3D Printing offerings for this month with loads of awesome Sci-Fi and Fantasy miniatures. We start with the Robot Legions who are able to draw on the power of their Great Wraith-Shard.

Great Wraith-Shard - OnePageRules

Great Wraith-Shard // OnePageRules

That is one impressive miniature I think you'll agree. A towering and spindly creation that has been woken from some tomb on a distant alien planet. As you can see, it is drawing power from some sacred object that was no doubt buried with it. You could imagine this silently wandering across the battlefield incinerating its foes.

As well as their mighty leader, we also have this set of ancient machines that are following your core troops into battle.

Tri-Scorpions & Spider Robots - OnePageRules

Tri-Scorpions & Spider Robots // OnePageRules

This set features the Tri-Scorpions alongside the Spider-Robots. The Tri-Scorpions look like good bodyguards for your characters whilst the Spider Robots are no doubt going to be repairing the various fallen allies they find on the battlefield.

Howling Beasts

As well as the Robot Legions, we also have the Beast Lords which are stomping into battle. Armed and armoured as chaotic warriors, they look ready to crush the world of men.

Beast Lords - OnePageRules

Beast Lords // OnePageRules

There is a good mix of different miniatures in here including regular troops, centaurs and more. You've also got a chap with a big shield who could be your warband leader. He even has a faithful pet to follow him into battle.

New Terrain & More

As well as the miniatures, both factions have access to some new terrain and more as part of this month's 3D Printing selection.

Robot Legions Terrain - OnePageRules

Robot Legions Terrain // OnePageRules

There is the big new terrain piece here which seems like it would be great as a scenic and narrative piece. You could imagine the towering Wraith-Shard lording over this as your armies try and blow it up.

The Beast Lords also have some terrain pieces which feature crushed engines of war, the bones of ancient beasts and more. You could see these scattered across a blasted landscape.

Beast Lords Terrain - OnePageRules

Beast Lords Terrain // OnePageRules

You can pick up these terrain pieces, scatter options and more from over on their Patreon this month. So, if you're eager to snap up something different for your Sci-Fi and Fantasy armies, this is the place to look! There are even games for you to try based on these miniature ranges. Check out Grimdark Future and Age Of Fantasy for free thanks to OnePageRules.

What do you make of the new miniatures?

"Check out Grimdark Future and Age Of Fantasy for free thanks to OnePageRules..."

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