The Alien Hives Go To War In OnePageRules Grimdark Future

September 10, 2020 by brennon

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More goodness from OnePageRules this week as we also got a look at the Grimdark Future options available on Patreon this month. As well as the Mummified Undead we saw yesterday we also got a look at the Alien Hives 3D Printable STL Files available to backers.

Prime Warrior - OnePageRules

Prime Warrior // OnePageRules

Much like with the aforementioned Mummified Undead, the Alien Hives will be available over the next few months to Patreon Backers and then as part of their CGTrader store afterwards. This means you'll have a chance to get the STL Files right now or in the near future to introduce into your Sci-Fi games.

Leading the way for this month we have the Prime Warrior. There is something of the Tyranid about their appearance but I also like that there are influences in there from xenomorphs and also something dinosaur-like in their design. It gives them a little bit more of an alien intelligence which sets them apart from other options.

As well as the Prime Warrior you've also got a set of three Assault Grunts...

Assault Grunts - OnePageRules

Assault Grunts // OnePageRules

...and also some Shooter Grunts who continue that theme of mixing dinosaur-like designs with something from another world. I think they look really very cool and you can tell that their new sculptors has got an eye for making epic looking designs.

Shooter Grunts - OnePageRules

Shooter Grunts // OnePageRules

As mentioned above, these new miniatures are going to be expanded upon in future updates via Patreon and then on CGTrader. As they are STL Files you'll also be able to print them off as many times as you like and build up a force of aliens to threaten even the most stalwart of space empires.

Alien Hives - OnePageRules

Alien Hives // OnePageRules

It's well worth checking out OnePageRules update in more depth HERE plus maybe consider joining their Discord and following them on Instagram in order to get a sneak peek into development and join their community.

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up a new set of Alien Hive miniatures?

"...continue that theme of mixing dinosaur-like designs with something from another world"

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