Droids, Bikers & New Starter Armies Come To Star Wars: Legion!

June 10, 2022 by brennon

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Atomic Mass Games is now just spoiling us with the Star Wars: Legion content. It seems like we're back on the "new release shuttle" for this ace Sci-Fi wargame with a whole host of boxed sets and characters coming up for pre-order.

IG-88 & IG-11 - Star Wars Legion

IG-88 & IG-11 // Star Wars: Legion

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Leading the way, we have a pair of assassin droids. Legion forces are going to be able to call on these deadly killers with both IG-88 and IG-11 looking to hunt down their marks. I like the poses here that mimic the awkward movements they make when you see them in the movies and TV shows. I say awkward but they are still deadly!

Keeping with the scum, villainy and mercenaries of the Star Wars universe, we also have these Swoop Bike Riders.

Swoop Bike Riders - Star Wars Legion

Swoop Bike Riders // Star Wars: Legion

I can't wait to play out some awesome table-spanning scenario where you race across the deserts of Tatooine hunting each other down. You could also use these for a properly fun heist scenario where you race to get aboard a thundering transport. Boba Fett vibes are incoming!

Brand New Star Wars: Legion Starter Sets

In addition to the new miniature sets, we're seeing the return of some previously released miniatures in Starter Set form.

New Starter Sets - Star Wars Legion

New Starter Sets // Star Wars: Legion

There are going to be Starter Sets for both the Clone Wars period and the Age Of Rebellion. For the Clone Wars, we have the 501st Legion and the Separatist Invasion (images of those to follow). For the Age Of Rebellion, we have Blizzard Force...

Blizzard Force - Star Wars Legion

Blizzard Force // Star Wars: Legion

...and the Echo Base Defenders. On the one side you have Darth Vader leading his Snowtroopers and on the other, Leia and Chewbacca try to rally the defenders and get them to the transports!

Echo Base Defenders - Star Wars Legion

Echo Base Defenders // Star Wars: Legion

Both of these sets contain new Battle Force Command Cards and I would assume they are pretty balanced against each other. You'll still need to find the bits and pieces from the Starter Set/Essentials Kit in order to play the game (dice, measures, tokens etc) but they could be a good way to start a themed force.

I really like this idea from Atomic Mass Games and I hope this gets more people diving back into Star Wars: Legion.

Organised Play

As well as the new miniatures, we also got news of a new Organised Play kit which is good news for those who have been with Legion for a while.

Dynamic Exit Organised Play Kit - Star Wars Legion

Dynamic Exit Organised Play Kit // Star Wars: Legion

We don't have too many details on this one as of yet but it seems like it will be a fun scenario-based affair for stores. I do like that they're doing something a bit more and I hope the scenarios play out in a fun way!

Are you tempted to dive (back) into Star Wars: Legion?

"I hope this gets more people diving back into Star Wars: Legion..."

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