3D Print The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Sanctuary Hill House

June 4, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius has another 3D Printable File for you to check out when putting together wargaming terrain for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Here we have a peek at the Sanctuary Hill House.

Sanctuary Hill House #1 - Modiphius

Sanctuary Hill House Exterior

Here is some of the background on this terrain kit which you can download and print off at home...

"Constructed in the mid to late 2070s, Sanctuary Hills was a small suburb of the larger town of Concord, which was built on a small island reached by a wooden footbridge and made up of some 14 prefabricated homes. In the aftermath of the Great War, the conurbation was abandoned and became neglected with many of the homes collapsing due to the ravages of time and becoming nests for pests like radroaches and bloatflies."

It seems like a funky kit which comes with the various wall sections and roof but also plenty of interior details too which you can add into the mix to make a more dynamic tabletop.

Sanctuary Hill House #2 - Modiphius

Sanctuary Hill House Interior & Scatter Terrain

I really like what they've done here for this and I think it would be fun to see someone show off just how easy this is to print off. It's neat hat Modiphius has been working to create not just physical miniatures in resin and plastic but also these 3D Printable Files so you can tinker to your heart's content.

I think this also seems big enough that you could play around with this as a 'board' in its own right. You could have a lot of fun tinkering around in this structure.

What do you think of this terrain kit?

"You could have a lot of fun tinkering around in this structure..."

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