4Ground Build Up New Wild West Camps, North African Cities & Bunkers

November 6, 2018 by brennon

4Ground has a whole bunch of awesome releases for the end of October and start of November. Many of them are themed after Historical periods but there's also a splash of Sci-Fi in there too. We start off with some Wild West goodies because everyone is playing Red Dead Redemption II right now.

Camp Town Harper's Dry Goods - 4Ground

The first of the pieces from 4Ground is Harper's Dry Goods Store. It comes with the wooden facade and the canvas backing to the building that would have been common during the period as people were heading out to new frontiers every few months.

Allowing you to create the vision of a camp in the midst of being set up there's also the 19th & 20th Century Carpenters Equipment set.

19th & 20th Century Carpenters Equipment - 4Ground

It comes with a range of bits and bobs which you can use as set dressing for your games. You could imagine setting up a proper construction site and then having one gang trying to rob it, stealing away with as much of the money in the foreman's office as they can.

North African Battleground

If you're looking to do as we did during our Bolt Action Bootcamp and build up the town of El Alamein then you'll want to check out the North African City & Walls that are available from 4Ground either as a bundle or separately.

North African City - 4Ground

These designs are tweaked from some of their existing kits and show off the cracked plaster walls that you'd get within this urban environment as well as the exposed brickwork which has seen far too many explosions.

North African City Walls - 4Ground

These sets give you some simple and easy to build terrain pieces for your soldiers to hunker down behind for cover and also gives you a sense of height and scale on the battlefield too. I always like having places for a sniper to roost.

Sci-Fi Objective

Last but not least of the interesting releases from this month we also have the Sci-Fi Bunker.

Sci-Fi Bunker - 4Ground

As you might have already guessed by the Stormtrooper, this is a new piece for those looking to play more Star Wars: Legion on Endor. However, because of its simplistic design, this could be used across a variety of different Sci-Fi universes.

I do however really want to use it for a proper Return Of The Jedi scenario where you get Han Solo and Leia battling frantically to try and get inside this bunker whilst Stormtroopers close in from all sides.

What do you make of the new terrain on offer?

"...get Han Solo and Leia battling frantically to try and get inside this bunker whilst Stormtroopers close in from all sides"

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