Adventure In A Port Of Plunder With 4Ground Right Now

February 14, 2020 by brennon

4Ground has a really awesome new set of terrain for those of you playing piratical games like, well, Blood & Plunder! See what you think of their new Pirate Cove Set.

Ports Of Plunder #1 - 4Ground

This Ports Of Plunder collection of buildings and other accessories come as part of a great set which helps you build up an interesting port location on the tabletop. You could use this to represent a lot of the different island towns and villages that are dotted around the Caribbean.

Ports Of Plunder #2 - 4Ground

Of course, the set also breaks down into a few different elements. You've got an array of buildings at different levels which are entirely playable both inside and outside. A lot is planned for the expansion of this range but this gives you a good starting point.

Ports Of Plunder #3 - 4Ground

I really like the finish that we're seeing on these buildings, the perfect mottled white which dotted the landscape and stood out against lush jungle greens. You've also got plenty of ways to build up your town and set it amongst a more civilised setting with some paved roads which have been added to the shoreline.

Ports Of Plunder #4 - 4Ground

You can find more of the range HERE where the team at 4Ground has broken down the collection into its smaller parts. Here you can get the likes of the dock crane...

Ports Of Plunder #5 - 4Ground

...and also additional options like barrels, crates and even the skeleton of a boat which is yet to hit the water. This could be the perfect starter set for someone diving in to pick up Blood & Plunder. It's hard to find specific terrain to fit the period so once you've got the sandy beaches and jungles sorted out you can go on from there.

Are you going to be picking up this set?

"Are you going to be picking up this set?"

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