Archon’s Dungeons & Lasers II Kickstarter Is Now Live

August 25, 2020 by brennon

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Archon Studio has now launched their Kickstarter for Dungeons & Lasers II. This new campaign revamps and adds to their existing modular terrain collection with a bunch of new options for those who want to play around with fascinating set-ups for roleplaying games and more.

Dungeons & Lasers II Info - Archon Studio

Dungeons & Lasers II - Check Out The Kickstarter

As you'll see below, there are a lot of options for those who are diving into this either from a Sci-Fi standpoint or a more traditional Fantasy one. For those who haven't seen how this terrain works you can check out some of the infographics below which run you through its uses.

How It Works - Archon Studio

How It Works // Archon Studio

Extra Options - Archon Studio

Dragons & Dungeons // Archon Studio

Storage & Building - Archon Studio

Storage & Building // Archon Studio

The terrain has a lot of different applications and one of the core elements of this is that you can tinker around with it in various ways and change things up between sessions in order to make the most out of your kit. You'll have no doubt seen Warren using a lot of the terrain from the original campaign as part of his D&D Display Dungeon Build.

Dungeons & Lasers II Kickstarter Themes

With a look at how it comes together, the team at Archon Studio have put together a number of different terrain options by theme. As you'll note, these range from classic Fantasy through to something Sci-Fi.

Dungeons & Lasers II Themes #1 - Archon Studio

There are a fair amount of different designs here which start to throw a few more curve balls into the mix. I really like Vault 7 and the Torture Chamber down below which seems like it would be super thematic.

Dungeons & Lasers II Themes #2 - Archon Studio

As you can see, there are all manner of interesting options here which could be good fits for a number of different games. One of the cool things about what Archon Studio have been doing though is that they also decided to dive in and show off some impressive Dragons which seem like the perfect option for someone who cares little for terrain and just wants monsters.

Dungeons & Lasers II Dragons

I think these are possibly one of the coolest elements of this Kickstarter. I like that Archon just decided to go for it and work on some hefty monsters for you to use in your games or simply just paint up to display as part of your collection.

Dungeons & Lasers Dragons - Archon Studio

Dungeons & Lasers II Dragons // Archon Studio

I think my favourite would have to be Freyr simply because I like the way that it is swooping into the action and the character baked into the creatures face. The Xenodragon however would also be a fantastic option and something a little different for your starfaring adventurers to run into.

I'm sure that some of you in the comments will have your own thoughts on which dragon is the best of the bunch and it only makes sense that you should tell us what you think!

Dungeons & Lasers II Stretch Goals

Of course, because this is a Kickstarter you also have some Stretch Goals for you to check out as well depending on how far the funding goes with this one.

Dungeons & Lasers Stretch Goals - Archon Studio

Dungeons & Lasers II Stretch Goals // Archon Studio

Dungeons & Lasers Stretch Goals Alt - Archon Studio

Dungeons & Lasers II Unlockables // Archon Studio

The team at Archon usually have a seriously large amount of little options which get thrown into the mix during their campaign. They all tend to be rather nice creative elements which spark a few bits of narrative during games.

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Make sure to let us know what you think of the campaign in the comments down below and if you're going to be diving into this yourself.

Which dragon is your favourite?

"Make sure to let us know what you think of the campaign in the comments down below..."

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