4Ground Are Bringing Freebies & More To Gen Con 2016

July 25, 2016 by brennon

4Ground are going to be at Gen Con 2016 and to celebrate such a special occasion they have a number of freebies that you can get your hands on if you buy from them at the event as well as their Grimstack and Karag Haim Terrain...

4Ground At Gen Con

The first of these is from their own range...

Cage The Beast

If you buy any 4Ground products from them you're going to get yourself this Eightfold Path Beast Wagon as well as art prints that we showed off last week.

Eightfold Path Beast Wagon

A rather spiffing looking piece of kit I think you'll agree that could pave the way for all manner of scenarios.

Record Your Magical Prowess

If you pick up any Frostgrave products from them (they will be selling them at their stall) then you get your hands on the Wizard Screen where you can record all of your information for a spellcasting warband.

The Wizards Sheet (Outside)

The Wizards Sheet (Inside)

This could be very useful indeed and I could see a few folks wanting one of these as a permanent way of remembering their warband and not losing the loose pieces of A4 you might have printed off!

Spying On Gangsters!

And finally; they are also going to be bringing some Chicago Way products along as well so if you buy any from them you'll get this Photographer for the game.

Chicago Way Photographer

So there you have it. 4Ground are going to be stocking their own products plus Chicago Way AND Frostgrave. They will also have big feature tables for Grimstack and Karag-Haim and plenty more beside.

Frostgrave & Chicago Way

Lastly it should be mentioned that if you buy products from all of these different ranges then you will be allowed to get all of the freebies which is very nice.

Where Will 4Ground Be?

The 4Ground folks will be at...

Booth 2928

...so if anything has caught your eye from these ranges go and say hello.

What do you think of the freebies on offer?

"If you buy any 4Ground products from them you're going to get yourself this Eightfold Path Beast Wagon..."

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