TTCombat Make A Home At The Wild West Dressing’s Ranch

February 1, 2022 by brennon

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TTCombat has some brand new terrain over on their webstore for those wanting to get that authentic "Home On The Range" feel for their Historical tabletops. The "Dressing's Ranch"(I see what you did there...) collection is now available to buy...

Dressings Ranch House - TTCombat

Dressing's Ranch House // TTCombat

Each of the buildings is available in MDF and has been designed to work well for 28/32mm wargames, so pretty much everything. With Dead Man's Hand being a great source of entertainment for a lot of wargamers right now and Knuckleduster's Gunfighter's Ball in the wild, these would be solid options for those kinds of highjinks.

There is a good set of larger and smaller kits from this current range, all of which have playable interiors.

Dressings Ranch Lodge - TTCombat

Dressing's Ranch Lodge // TTCombat

That is a nice looking outhouse for example, but I reckon you'd want to keep an eye out (and your lantern close) when the howl of wolves is on the air. Seems the perfect place for you to get ambushed by someone!

Whilst these buildings are great for Wild West escapades, they would also be fantastic for those wanting to do something a little more modern.

Dressings Ranch Homestead - TTCombat

Dressing's Ranch Homestead // TTCombat

This style of architecture hasn't changed drastically since it was introduced by the colonists of the Americas. So, it could easily find a way onto tabletops for horror games like Don't Look Back or perhaps something like The Walking Dead.

With Cold War Gone Hot being a little bit of a mood lately, it might also be great for a Soviet invasion of the US, Red Dawn style.

Dressings Ranch Manor - TTCombat

Dressing's Ranch Manor // TTCombat

These could be the last bastions and hold-outs for US troops and freedom fighters as they get assailed by the Soviets across the countryside. You could go all Wolfenstein and get a bit occult too if you like!

There is some great terrain in this collection that should span the time from the Wild West and the frontier right through to the modern-day. You could go creepy or ultra historical, depending on your tastes.

Make sure to drop your thoughts on the terrain down below...

"You could go creepy or ultra historical, depending on your tastes..."

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